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Trouble getting my compost pile large enough.

VongolaDecimo | Sep 2, 201310:38 AM

I've decided to get into square food gardening and want to start next spring. Rather than buy bags of compost, im looking to make my own. Problem is, im finding that only sourcing kitchen scraps like egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, and vegetable peelings to be slow. I want to beat the cold weather and make some hot compost as I want to add sod to mine. (want the heat to kill and weeds and weed seeds). Any advice? I've heard some people go over to coffee shops and grocery stores for their vegetable trimmings. Im curious. How did the exchange go as im sure im going to get some odd looks. Or do you think its too late to start building a compost pile for hot composting at this point? Should I just leave the sod aside? To give an idea of climate conditions, I live in nyc.

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