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Simon | Jan 10, 2012 01:48 PM

In the last month or so, i've noticed an annoying trend: concern trolls...i.e. people leaving replies and starting threads that serve only to disrupt constructive discussion...i'm not talking about bickering (which i consider fine as long as it's done intelligently) or expressing strong opinions (also fine in my book) and sarcasm (often fine)...but rather concern trolling:


-- When an OP asks for a hip romantic restaurant and a troll suggests a huge bland tourist joint...or suggests a place in a completely different area...or price range...etc...maybe fine if it's clearly meant as a joke, but a lot of time it's just a deliberately bad suggestion...

-- Starting a thread raving about a sub-mediocre restaurant...

I've seen a lot of the above lately, and it's disheartening to see well-meaning chowhounds either a) being misled by the info ("Wow, could that place possibily be good? Well i guess i could try it...") or b) wasting their own time questioning the concern troll and getting into a long pointless discussion with him/her/it.

Like all passive-aggressive behavior, concern trolling is hard to ferret out, as some of these people feign to be neophytes asking innocent questions (a fake example that's nonetheless close to a recent thread: "Wow, i had a great pizza at Pizza Hut. It's actually better than the slice i had at DiFara's. I know hard to believe, but you should really compare")...

Concern trolls are like the obnoxious drunks in a bar who are so well-practiced that they know *just* how out of line they can be without getting kicked out...but i hope the mods will take note...

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