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The Triple Double Oreo: An example of abject failure in trying to improve upon perfection

ipsedixit | Aug 19, 201108:24 PM

I like Oreo cookies.

The original ones. Y'know, a single layer of creme filling sandwiched between two chocolate wafers? Yes, that one.

Not the double stuff, or the whatever stuff.

The original Oreo.

It was perfect. In. Every. Respect.

Good ratio of sugar to artificial chocolate flavoring and just thick and sturdy enough to dunk in coffee, milk, or whatever your beverage of choice might be.

In an effort to reinvent the wheel and give Sisyphus some company on that little hill, Nabisco has gone and tried to improve on that perfection with the Triple Double. Total utter failure.

It's called the Triple Double. A good thing if you are playing basketball. Not so much for cookies.

This monstrosity of the latest Oreo version has both regular and chocolate filling sandwiched between three chocolate wafers.

How best to describe its problems? Well, first it's too thick. And its too sweet. And it just tastes awful.

Plus, it looks stupid.

Go try and see for yourself.

And if you do, just be aware that ONE cookie is 100 calories. Hey, at least Nabisco is good at using round numbers ...


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