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Who's got the tripe. Andouille(tte) Louisiana & France


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Who's got the tripe. Andouille(tte) Louisiana & France

faijay( fai jackson) | Feb 7, 2006 12:19 PM

A while ago I got into a discussion with a chowhound about what was in an andouillette sausage in France. I thought it was a tripe sausage sold in triperies, but the poster insisted it was pig intestine (chiterlings). However, the poster gave me some reference citations & I said okay. But, it has been bothering me. I know that they make sausage of the same name in Louisiana, but it tastes nothing like the one in France, so I googled Andouillette and got pages of sites.

Anyway, from what I gather we could be both right. Many of the definitions state tripe sausage and some say chiterlings are included. I know there is an association in France devoted to maintaining the sausage in its traditional form. It is something like AAAA- Association Animale-----?

I am going to try to find this group, but anyone, please weigh in and cite your proofs. I know this is something we all need to know. After all, a lot of people like tripe and hate chitterlings or vice versa, or hate/love both. Enquiring minds want to know.

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