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Trip Report - Tokyo Part 2 (Tsukiji, Konaya, En, Jean Francois, Pierre Herme, Butagumi, Takazawa)


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Trip Report - Tokyo Part 2 (Tsukiji, Konaya, En, Jean Francois, Pierre Herme, Butagumi, Takazawa)

The Cookbook Addict | Sep 12, 2012 09:46 AM

Day 2 -
Early morning at Tsukiji. We weren't motivated to wait on line for sushi after yesterday's meal at Sawada, so we just got a rice bowl topped with tuna, uni and ikura at random place near the inner market that was filled with Japanese people. Was tasty.

Konaya - Curry udon from chain restaurant. We went to the one near our hotel in Shiodome. I got shrimp tempura, my husband got one with fried tofu and scallions. We really enjoyed it, would recommend for an affordable lunch.

En - Maybe we ordered wrong, since we weren't in the mood for any raw fish? Anyways our meal here was very average. We had cooked food (pork and yuba hotpot, egpplant, some kind of fried seafood cake, braised fish). Decor and view were lovely, and our server was very nice.

Day 3-

Omotesando station - Amazing puff/bun stuffed with whipped cream from a stall in the station (Something with an "H" - Hitori? Hirota?). Croissant and breads from Jean Francois in food court were good but not great - maybe we got there at an off time when they weren't as fresh.

Pierre Herme - We love PH so went in Omotesando and then again in Shinjuku. Our favorites were the hazelnut/asparagus, orange/carrot and vanilla/basil, which were unreal. Also had a macaron/ice cream sandwich which I thought was just ok, but my husband loved.

Butagumi - Wandered here for lunch. Unfortunately, they did not have the Iberico which everyone talks about. I got the Tokyo X (fatty) and my husband got the premium lean one. His was very tasty but honestly mine didn't have that much flavor. This was good but next time we would probably just go to a cheaper joint for tonkatsu.

Takazawa - I enjoyed this a lot but thought it was the tiniest bit over-priced/overrated. My husband vehemently disagreed, this might have been his favorite of the trip. We did have some wines (not a full tasting), and it looked like they also added some kind of service charge and tax above the fixed menu price. It ended up being significantly more expensive than any of our other meals. Takazawa recently took a trip to Mexico and some of the courses were inspired by his trip (we really enjoyed the Mexican-inspired courses). He and his wife were very friendly and charming as well, and eager to talk about food and restaurants. Since there's been some discussion on this board about changes to the menu, here's what we had (many items had dates of creation listed on the menu, so I'll list them here as well):

Amuse - Jellied drink of melon and prosciutto. Ikura with salmon and rice. "Grand canyon" chip made our of scallop and other seafood/vegetables. Oyster with lemon foam.

Ratatouille (2005) - Mosaic of tiny vegetables. Tasty little bite.

Vegetable parfait (2011) - Vegetables layered in a champage glass with tomato gazpacho, tomato water, caviar, edible flowers. I think some kind of parmesan cream?

Bouillabaisse with beer (NEW) - Deconstructed. Platter of cold seafood from Hokkaido with small glass of jellied seafood consomme (the "beer").

Powdery dressing (2006) - Matsutake, mackerel and pumpkin topped with a powder that turned into dressing. Dressing tasted like your basic olive oil and balsamic.

BIEI salad (NEW) - Various raw and grilled vegetables, sauce that was like a romesco but with blue cheese added, olive tapenade, edamame tofu.

Candleholder (2007) - Foie gras brulee with mango compote and rosemary. Delicious.

Breakfast at Takazawa (2008) - Poached egg with white truffle and fried potatoes. Egg was a little hard-cooked but otherwise very tasty.

Reds (NEW) - Dish inspired by trip to Mexico. Amadai with tomtato salsa, jalapeno, and variety of "red" sauces on the side. This was lovely.

Inspiration from Mexico (NEW) - Another dish inspired by Mexico. Pigeon cooked in mole accompanied by skewer of pigeon innards and corn taco.

Bellini (NEW) - Plum sorbet with peach and plum foam.

Carbonara (2010) - Pineapple and apple slices, coconut ice cream. I wasn't wowed by this.

Mignardise - Western-style mignardise with Japanese flavors. Very delicious.

There was also a bread course with delicious bread with edamame in it, served with pork rillete.

Again, the food was great, but I am reviewing it overall in light of the price and genre of food as well. I don't think, for example, that Takazawa was better than a meal at Per Se, and a few of the dishes felt a tiny bit outdated (again, compared to other restaurants in this category all over the world). Having said that, the food was delicious and we loved the space, so I would still recommend with the caveat that it is very expensive.

See my replies to this post (below) for pics.

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