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Trip Report Part 3: Makino and Roberta's


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Trip Report Part 3: Makino and Roberta's

Thomas W. | Jan 18, 2006 04:09 PM

Tuesday 12/13

After a full 5 hours of sleep (bringing my total in the last 4 days to
13 hours - what is it about Vegas and the lack of needing to sleep ?),
I woke up at 3.30 and took another bath. Later I visited the free
juice bar, also known as the spa, where I had 2 free passes to as part
of my $49 room rate. It was nicer than the MGM`s, though still boring
(sauna, steam, jacuzzi - yawn). The nice lady cancelled just one of
the visits on my coupon, enabling me to use the other later on.

I did a quick coupon run and won $10 at Terrible`s and $8 at the
Hardrock. Then it was time for shopping. The Sin City special edition
had just come out, so I got it at Fry´s. After that, I spent a fortune
at the Outlet Malls for my kids. Lunch was at Makino. Unfortunately,
I had no opportunity to cybertaunt Andrew or BR. The tuna salad was
great as advertised, but the seaweed salad unfortunately wasn´t there,
hopefully just a temporary thing. I found the buffet to be a bit
lacking in comparison to my three earlier visits. It also gave me a
(very slight) case of the runs.

I got a few gifts at the Gambler´s Store which I still hear little to
nothing about on this group. Go there, people, it´s a great place.

Now for the part of the trip I advertised quite a lot back home: the
LVA free Stardust offer. Instead of the dreaded villas, I was able to
sweettalk the check-in lady into a West Tower room (2919) (I should
consider offering classes how to do this), with a Strip view and
overlooking the Desert Inn golf course. This was a pretty nice room,
actually, just like it´s described at cheapovegas. The fellow guests
were something to behold, my favorite being an african-american in
shorts wearing Excalibur (but of course) Viking horns.

I won another $20 playing blackjack matchplays at the New Frontier (up
$77) and continued to the Venetian, where I met some exceptionelly
good looking cocktail waitresses. I checked some of the menus at the
restaurants and then it was finally time to check out Wynn. I liked it
quite a lot and thought that it was nicer than in the pictures I had
seen. Highlights included the art gallery ($6, including a good audio
presentation by the man himself) and the "mini conservatory", decked
out in holiday colours. I even bought something at Wynn esplanade.i
didn´t like (or understand) the water show much, though. Another nice
touch were the flowery mosaic tiles on the floor.

Obviously, after that experience there was only one choice for dinner:
the El Cortez. Roberta´s is quite a steal with the 50% off coupon from
LVA. $10.00 before tax and tip bought me a porterhouse steak, very
good fries, creamed spinach and soup or salad. The steak was good,
cooked right, though nothing special. I´ve read other people say it
was so good they´s happily pay the regular price for it. I probably
wouldn´t, but this way, it was a good value. There are early bird
twofers in the LVR for that one, too.

I shopped a bit more for my wife and kids and then called it a night
at 10.30. A new record.

Part 4-7 to follow later.

Thomas W.

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