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Trip report: KoKyu Na'Mean, Guanajuato, Neomonde, Pig, Picnic

vinouspleasure | Apr 8, 201604:19 PM     27

I'm never ordering the large plate of pork at The Pig again. For those not keeping score, my first trip to The Pig had me wondering why there wasn't a line out the door every night and my 2nd trip had me wondering why anyone would set foot there again. Decided to try it again, after my first bite of pork, I knew it was going to be great, 2nd bite had me wondering if this plate might not be better than my first visit. It was glorious: nice pieces of bark mixed in with moist, almost unctuous chop. Not as smoky or spicy as A&S, but great on its own right. Also the dense, overcooked hushpuppies have been transformed into something resembling hushpuppy straws and they are better for it. The collard greens were very good and I enjoyed the sprouts/shrooms side. Only downside was that the sheer amount of food left me gasping, next time it's a small plate for me.

Tried the pork belly bahn mi at KoKyu Na'Mean, thought it was delicious but the sauce on the belly was a little cloying. However the acidity of veggies did a great job balancing out the flavors. Also, they do a nice job on the bread. Prices were a little hard to swallow, $12 for bahn mi? The best bahn mi in nyc runs about $5 and it's about twice the size of KoKyu. In any event, my client is paying, so I'll be back to try some other fillings.

I used to live in a brooklyn neighborhood that had 15 middle eastern restaurants and shops in a two block radius, The food at Neomonde measured up well, I'd have preferred the lamb shwarma on lavash instead of pita but the filling was on point and I loved their lentils with fried onions. The platter came with baklava, tried the bird's nest, it was fresh and delicious. On my way out I was kinda shocked to see them making chocolate chip cookies with David's Cookie batter.

I have a work call every tuesday night, thought I'd arrive late at dame's for a quiet meal and listen in on the call. Instead, dame's was packed to the gills, music playing and lots of noise. Headed over to Guanajuato for an assortment of tacos. Love, this place, the people working there were so nice/friendly, the restaurant was full of happy families and couples. The tortillas were delicious, I'm guessing home made, but only one of my three tacos was notable. Still, I'll be back to explore more of the menu. Would love your suggestions.

back to Picnic for the pork/chicken combo, Good pork, good chicken but way too much food. I'm never ordering the chicken/pork combo at Picnic again.

The Pig
KoKyu Na'Mean
Neomonde Mediterranean Raleigh
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