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Trip Report: HK, Beijing, Shanghai

Porthos | May 17, 201203:27 PM

Had a great time eating through HK. Thanks Charles Yu and Fourseasons for their recs. Beijing I found pretty disappointing especially after HK. Shanghai was a bit of redemption especially Yang's Dumplings. Ridiculous good.


Day 1-

7am: Landed at airport. Tried Crystal Jade for XLB, dumplings, and la mien. Pretty good for airport food but not much else.

1030am: Victoria City for dim sum #1. Favorites included the excellent flower crab with Hua Tio liquor sauce and noodles to finish. The crab meat was delicious. I'd say I like it better than dungeness but not as much as king crab. The sauce reminded me of Madeira sauce. Delicious. Tried 3 other hua tio liquor sauces on this trip (Lei Garden IFC at dinner and Loaf An) and this was easily the best version. Thank you FourSeasons. Another favorite was the squab. The skin was perfect, the meat tender and juicy. Like roast duck but finer. Har gow was also excellent here. We also had sticky rice in lotus leaves, sharkfin dumplings, XLB dumplings with crab juice, steamed shrimp and vegetable dimplings. While good, I liked the dumplings at Lei Garden better.

2pm: Lei Garden IFC. The dumplings here are stelllar. The XLB dumpings with soup are now my gold standard.. Better than Victoria or Crystal Jade. The shiu mai was so delicate and easily the best shiu mai I've had. Seasonal shrimp wonton dumplings in chicken broth, bean curd rolls in soup, and these large crab and meat dumplings in soup were also excellent. The har gow here had less shrimp filling than Victoria but the wrapper was a touch more chewy which I liked.

We all took a nap after lunch and didn't wake up until midnight. Jetlag bigtime!

Day 2-

9am: Law Fu Kee (144 Queens Rd). We were directed here by our cab driver because it was 9am and Mak An Kee wasn't open yet. Anyways it was pretty busy at 9am and there were 3 people wrapping shrimp wonton and dumplings in the middle of the room which was a good sign. The noodles I thought were just as thin and chewy as the ones at Tasty (IFC) and I actually like the wonton a bit more than Tasty because it was larger and filled with more shrimp. The quality of the shrimp fillings was equal from what I could tell (had them 4 hours apart). The dumplings are also very good there and filled with pork, tofu, woodear mushrooms.

1130am: Had the goose at Yat Lok. It was indeed delicious but like trueblu, I also liked the roast pork (not char siu) even better. And as good as the goose was, I found the roast squab at Victoria so much better. The skin was even crispier and there was less fat but the meat was also more flavorful and juicier.

130pm: Sliced abalone and tender chicken congee at tasty. Delicious. shrimp wonton and noodles which as I mentioned above, I actually like better at Law Fu Kee.

830pm: dinner at Lei Garden IFC. The braised fresh Australian abalone was excellent and everyone's favorite dish of the night. We all enjoyed it much more than the sharkfin, especially since we could have had 2 abalones for each sharkfin order. The roast goose was also excellent and had more meat, more flavor, and less fat than the one at Yat Lok. I tried to order mantis prawns in Hua Tio liquor sauce but they just gave us jumbo prawns due to a misunderstanding. The liquor sauce is no where near the quality of the Victoria version. Not even close. We saw a neighbor order a fried crab dish in casserole on top of vermicelli noodles so we had to order one too. That was also delicious. Of course we also had an order of one of their simmered medicinal soups which we loved.

Day 3-

11am: Tasty IFC again for congee and the steamed chicken. Also ordered some beancurd wrapped shrimp/shrimp roe and some other misc dim sum items. Pretty good but Lei Garden next door is much better for these things.

630pm: Sai Kung. Walked up and down that strip 3 times before we found Loaf An one street back. Thanks to Charles Yu for the rec. They took us to the fish market in the building behind the main strip and took us to one particular vender. Prices were comperable to the prices on the main touristy street. Obviously, if we had known, we would have gone to that market in advance, purchased and gone directly to Loaf An for what probably would have been a better price. We bought some live shrimp, razor clams, abalone, mantis prawns, a black snapper/grouper looking fish, and the large blue crab. The live shrimp were simply boiled, the razor clams steamed with garlic and vermicelli noodles, the abalone steamed with garlic, mantis prawns done salt and pepper style (fried), the fish steamed with ginger and scallions, and the blue crab in hua tio liquor sauce which was more like egg whites flavored with the liquor. All were very good but it's more about the fun experience.

Below are pics of the squab and flower crab from Victoria City

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