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japanesefoodlover | Nov 19, 201107:33 AM

we had a really good time enjoying the various japanese cuisine in our last trip. here are some thoughts of the restaurants we tried:

una fuji
- love hitsumabushi (special kind of eel over rice), so made a side trip to nagoya just to have that. just as wonderful as always. crispy on the outside juicy inside. of course the sauce and the rice was wonderful too. imo far more delicious than kabuto in tokyo, which is considered the king of unagi and a few times more expensive.

tanyaki shinobu
- an izakaya which specializes in ox tongue. Everything was wonderful: broiled, stew, grilled, doteni style, especially the broiled and the stew was so soft, i couldn't believe it was ox tongue. the best part is we could order by the piece so we could try many different styles. highly recommended.

- kaiseiki. tried both the lunch and the dinner. lunch is tai in a sesame sauce, which you eat with rice and then in a ochatsuke. loved it. dinner was also quite nice with some really good ingredients such as bachiko, lobster sashimi and some supposed to be really famous mushroom from kyoto... (excuse me for my ignorance...) great meal but hirosaku was really another league.

- we loved his cooking so much, we went 3 times in a week! he truly understands his ingredients. everything just goes so well together and the subtlety of the taste makes us keep wanting more. we gave him some dried mango as a souvenir and next time we went he pureed it and put it into the dessert. it went so well with the other fruits and jelly, just amazing.

miyako sushi
- he remembers me from a year ago and remembers that i like my likes and dislikes! of course, food is also great, that's why he's no.1 or 2 in tabelog for tokyo sushi. he only charges the 10000yen range, so some of the more expensive fish/shellfish is usually not on the menu. if i don't want to go out of my way to look for expensive ingredients for a meal, i would choose miyako for the good food.

- yakitori. the chef controls the flame so well that everything comes out perfect. loved the wasayaki, kashiwa, chouchin, hatsumoto, liver, well actually everything else. usually everyone goes for omakase but you can also ask for rare parts like chouchin and hatsumoto. not really a big fan of yakitori before but fell in love with yakitori because of toriki.

ramen kissou
- whether the broth, the ramen, or the chyasui are all wonderful. had to wait 1.5hr last year, but this time went at 2:30pm and only waited for 5min! best ramen i've had by far.

yakiniku jumbo
- our favorite yakiniku place. they have many rare cuts which literally melt in ur mouth. since we can balance the greasy cuts with lean cuts, we enjoyed it much more than wagyu steak. i go there everything time i'm in tokyo.

just came back from tokyo but already want to go back! just can't ever get enough of tokyo.

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