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Trinity - Downtown Greek

lil mikey | Jun 15, 2007 07:40 PM

The space is very nice… it has a very open feeling. The walls are bright white, there are blue pools and fountains in the middle of the room, a high ceiling, and lots of arches. And there’s a big case with iced fresh fish that you can select for grilling… kind of like Milos.

There are lots of servers and bussers. There’s a lady who comes initially and tries to sell you on the most expensive stuff: a 1.5 pound fish for one person? I’m not Michael Moore.

But the waitress was a gem. She was very friendly in explaining the menu, and she pointed out that it’s really a mezze place. People order a series of appetizers and share them, kind of like tapas. Now she was talking my language. She asked what I liked and then said she’d take care of me. I’d have a feast.

First out was a wooden box with some bread and olives. This was standard for all the tables.

Then came the parade of food.

The tapenade trilogy gives you three pretty good sized bowls of any dips you choose. She chose the eggplant and pine nut dip, the red pepper and feta dip and the garlic and potato dip. I liked them all, and didn’t really have a favorite. I would have been bored with only one dip. The three-plate is the way to go.

Then came the horyatiki salad. It was a delicious Greek salad with extremely fresh-tasting and perfectly ripe tomatoes. I could have eaten a whole plate of the tomatoes. But this salad also had olives, sliced cucumber, green bell peppers, onion and a big slice of Feta cheese on top. It was dressed with an oil dressing with oregano.

The lamb and feta raviolis were the winner of the evening. The lamb was extremely tender and flavorful, the raviolis were made from fresh pasta, and were also very tender. There wasn’t much feta, but that was okay. There was plenty of feta in the other dishes. I really liked this dish.

The grilled octopus was my second favorite dish. You get two whole legs, each about a foot long, on skewers. The waitress said it was their most popular dish, and I understand why. It’s marinated and then grilled. So there’s a nice char to it. And the meat is very sweet and not rubbery at all.

The disappointment was the shrimp. At $30 for an order, it was off to a bad start from the get go. You get 4 large shrimp, which were grilled and had a butter sauce over the top. This was a fair amount of shrimp, but for $30, I could have ordered a whole entrée (although there’s no way I could eat an entrée after all the other stuff).

The whole thing was $88 before tax and tip ($100 with tax). They serve bottled water from Greece, which is cold, fresh and free.

I couldn’t finish all the food, and I think ordering just a couple more appetizers would be plenty for two people. And I wouldn’t get the shrimp again. So I’d figure on an average cost of about $50 to $60 per person if you share dishes.

This is a good date place because you get lots of variety, and you can share. I got there early, so I didn’t need a reservation, but as I left at about 8:30, there was a little “discussion” going on at the front door because a man was told there were no tables for him and his lady friend except a little one in the corner. So I’d strongly suggest a reservation.

Oh, and a funny little anecdote. About half way through my meal, a couple sat down next to me, and I swear the lady was wearing gasoline perfume. I caught a whiff, and thought it might be a car outside. But as the front door is up and over a large staircase, I was a little suspect of this hypothesis. Then I smelled it again and thought “hmm, I wonder if there’s a parking garage upstairs.” Finally, the lady got up to go to the restroom and WHOA. I think this chick was flammable. Good thing we were seated a little distance from the grill. I hope she didn’t order the flaming cheese dish after I left.

Trinity Café
1445 Drummond
(514) 787-4648

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