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First-trimester hounding

ladooShoppe | May 4, 201208:43 AM

Hi everyone,

Forgive me if a thread on this already exists. I am looking for some advice. We just found out that I am 7 weeks pregnant. Some mornings I feel fine and some mornings I can't keep anything down. Today I have absolutely no appetite. I ate a few saltines and took forever to chew them up.

Any moms out there have any suggestions on what to eat for breakfast - to at least get something into your stomach - when experiencing morning sickness? I am looking for items that are light to carry to the office to help keep me filled. I bought a carton of milk and a couple boxes of cereal to keep at work but I find I use those mostly in the afternoon. If my stomach is empty I feel more sick.

I also discovered that I can no longer tolerate the smell of pork (my favourite meat!) or foie gras. I discovered this at our anniversary dinner. Beef seems to be ok in small-ish doses. Chicken poses no problem.

How does a food lover deal with morning sickness?

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