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Triangle K - Ralbag

RachelMolly | Jul 27, 2004 08:12 PM

What with all the discussion about products lately that have triangle-k supervision (Hebrew National hot dogs, some of the Ocean Spray drinks), I thought it would be worthwhile to begin a new thread discussing their kashrut...

Specifically, and I might have mentioned this in the past, I know some very frum Yidden (Jews) who eat only *certain* products certified by the Triangle-K, specifically Mott's applesauce. Is there anyone out there who can discuss the reason for this with some authority? My guess is that certain products that they certify are more reliable (i.e., no meat or dairy is produced in these factories, no questionable products at all enter the factories).

I mean this thread to be only as a source of information and not to begin loshen hara. It's so hard to get a definitive answer on hechsherim, everyone has different opinions and it gets so political and heated. So I just want to, if possible, stick to the thoughts above. Thanks!

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