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Anyone tried trendy sous vide cooking at home?


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Anyone tried trendy sous vide cooking at home?

Carb Lover | Mar 25, 2006 11:30 PM

While I've heard of sous vide and have basic knowledge of the technique, I've ignored much of the recent media attention on it. Didn't think I'd ever be interested in attempting in my kitchen...til I inherited a lab-quality water bath from my molecular biologist husband. "Getting rid of an old water bath? Sure, I'll take it..."

It's sitting in the garage right now, and I haven't played w/ it yet. It's basically a squarish metal contraption w/ the "cooking area" being about 14"W X 14"L X 12" deep. There is a thermometer and, of course, the ability to regulate the temp. Husband says highest possible temp. is boiling point. Mine did not come w/ a lid.

So, what can I do to test this baby out? I don't have one of those food saver devices to vacuum pack an item; is it possible to rig something to get a similar effect? Any bright ideas, recipes, resources to point me to? Remember hearing about some dangers w/ botulism; what should I watch out for? Aside from sous vide, any other uses for my new toy?

Thanks for your input, and I'll be sure to report back...even if that means I'll be selling this at our next garage sale. :-)

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