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seems to be a trend (NJ board)

BeeZee | Feb 5, 201209:29 AM

edited, decided I was just being cranky
It's counter productive when people post some statement as the subject line - like "wow-best ever" - instead of the restaurant name/location. I want the option to skip reading about someplace that's 2 hours away. I know some people "might" want to read every single post, but having to wade thru an entire post to find the restaurant name and location (which isn't even always given) annoys me.
Felt like I had to vent, since it seems to be happening a LOT recently on the NJ board.
Do you (admins) send emails to posters to ask them to edit when critical info is missing? There was one post that when I posted a reply to ask for name/location, I saw my post deleted and the missing info had been added.

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