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Do you travel internationally and, if you do, do you eat street food?


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Do you travel internationally and, if you do, do you eat street food?

c oliver | Sep 4, 2009 11:11 AM

I got to thinking about this because we're leaving for three weeks in Rio soon and we always have a blast hanging out with locals and eating street food.

If you have the means and the opportunity, do you like to travel internationally and how do you eat and make dining decisions while abroad? I find that we seldom eat at any place that's been recommended. I remember in Paris a few years ago, we were staying on the Left Bank and would walk up to the Blvd. St. Germain in the evening for an apperitif. After that we would just wander the side streets til we found a restaurant where the menu (and price!) and ambiance suited us. We were always happy with our meals. One of our daughters and her husband honeymooned in Thailand a couple of years ago and ate street food constantly, especially some sausages that they particularly love (they call 'em "street meat"). We've eaten chicharones in Peru in a tiny room on the second floor of some building, fried chicken wings from a street vendor in Guatemala. Almost every lunch we eat in Rio is from these ubiquitous bars/cafes that have a blackboard with up to a dozen specials listed. 99.9% of the time we're the only English speakers. My husband didn't like their liver but that was the only failure. But I know from perusing these boards that they're are people here who aren't risk-takers especially. I'm guessing a lot of time it's because of your significant other. But I see people who want to research and research and research some more. Everybody has their own way and none are wrong, but that would spoil alot of the traveling for me. I want lots of "adventures" and the food is a BIG part of that. I'd rather have the occasional dud of a meal than to know in advance where I'm going to eat all the time.

So do you travel internationally and, if so, what's your comfort level? Does it need to be clean? Have a wine list? Have someone there who speaks a little English? How spontaneous do you want to be? Just curious, kids :)

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