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Travel dilemma-how to cook/pack one week ahead?

im_nomad | Jun 15, 200807:28 AM

ok...so myself and my cousin are taking a road trip to Boston....we'll likely be on the road for an entire day, so i'd decided that instead of road food or restaurants along the way, i'd pack a cooler to save some funds and time until we actually get there....all good.

problem is, I will be travelling on business the whole week before we head out on friday, and our cast off point is from my last stop, two hours away.....we will drive past my home, but with no time to stop in and cook....maybe just a quick drop off of bags, and go.

I can cook as late as sunday, but i don't want to leave things hanging around in the fridge to eat 5-6 days later. Is there anything I can make that could be frozen (such as pasta salads) and popped into the cooler on the travel day and still be good?? I've got a great greek pasta salad with shrimp recipe....and am wondering if that would be ok after a few days of freezing?

Some limitations here.... I do not eat meat so roast chicken type offerings will not work for me ( I will occasionally eat seafood, so something with shrimp or what not could be ok). My cousin is not an adventurous eater, but is ok with things that are not too hot/spicy.

I welcome any and all suggestions and input !
(p.s. if anyone has any recommends for Boston restaurants...please feel free to throw those in too !)

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