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Transportable treats and hostess gift ideas please!


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Transportable treats and hostess gift ideas please!

biondanonima | Aug 1, 2011 12:29 PM

A good friend has invited me and DH along with another couple to spend a long weekend at her parents' lake house later this month. We went last summer as well and brought booze and a few edibles, but we were somewhat unprepared for just how much work is required to feed that many adults when the nearest real grocery store is 30 mins away. So, this year, I wanted to bring some premade things that won't take up a ton of fridge space and that will save my friend and her parents some trouble! (We will still bring booze, of course.) Also, I would like to make something non-perishable (or with a very long fridge life) as a gift they can enjoy after we leave.

So, give me your thoughts. I am planning to make a batch of bacon jam for (part of) the hostess gift - it is perishable, but it lasts quite a while in the fridge, and it's something you can't easily pick up in the supermarket. I was also thinking of some tapenade, or perhaps a dessert sauce (salted maple caramel, perhaps). Maybe all three. I don't can, so truly shelf stable jams are out, but I could make a freezer jam of some type. I have a small insulated bag where I could keep a couple of 12-16oz. jars on ice for the trip, so no worries there.

As for the stuff we'll want to eat while we're there, anything goes, although fridge space was somewhat hard to come by last year. I was thinking of a batch of seven-layer bars, since those are good for quite a while at room temp, and perhaps a pound cake or other versatile "plain" cake to go with fruit, ice cream, etc. Maybe zucchini bread or other breakfast-y treats? Coffee cake? Muffins? Baguettes? Anything I make will have to be made a day in advance, packed up and driven four hours without refrigeration, and probably wouldn't get eaten until the next day at the earliest. Do you think a lentil and roasted vegetable salad with vinaigrette would be okay that long? Other non-baked ideas? Thanks in advance!

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