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Help me translate a cookbook

rappy | Jan 10, 200804:15 AM


I'm a bit new to this forum, but have followed it on and off for a few years, so I know this is the place to get the help I need. I'm currently translating a seafood cookbook from Hebrew to English and there are many issues that arise when translating a relatively regional (Israeli) book: availability of ingredients, different names for ingredients in different countries, etc. After quickly translating the book without researching things too intensely, I'm now reviewing and revising the translation, and addressing issues that I'd set aside for further research.

My first quandary is a matter of terminology:

The author has placed a certain method into a category of sorts, and I'm having some difficulty with pinning down the precise term. I've debated this a bit with a friend and we can't reach a consensus.

The category refers to seafood that is neither raw nor cooked with heat - this category includes seviche, gravlax, and other such preparations - originally born of preservation. My instinct was to refer to these methods as a whole as "curing", but when I ran it by the aforesaid friend, she said that to her curing implies aging. To my suggestion of "pickling", she said that it implies use of vinegar, whereas seviche, for example, is citrus-based.

What then is the appropriate word to categorize preservation-based cooking methods (while avoiding the word "preserved")? Is curing appropriate? Is there another word that can be used? Since the author groups these various methods together, I need a concise name to encompass the entire range.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer!

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