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Your help in transitioning me back to eating meat.

lollya | Feb 13, 201208:35 AM

Helloooo Hounds,
I have frequented these boards for many years and now I come to you with a HUGE request for help. I have been a vegetarian since I was 17. I am now 35. Over half of my life that is. The history might be important to some of you so I will give you a brief overview.

My mom was a vegetarian. I found some of her literature and read way too much. I became disgusted with how we mass-produce and the unnatural raising and sometime cruelty involved. I couldn't imagine putting the stress and hormone induced flesh in my own body.

I still feel the same. But I also feel that although this is the typical way of corporate farming, there seems to be a resurgence of traditional farming. I like that. I understand the food chain and the need for a diet closer to what our ancestors lived off from.

I can now purchase meat where the animals have been raised in a respectable way and not injected with growth hormones or subjected to tight living quarters or abuse (i understand this is assumed) and this makes me more comfortable with the idea of eating meat again.

I already cook meat for my husband and child. My last pregnancy had me so ill, I resorted to eating chicken stock to keep from losing more weight. (I couldn't eat vegetables, I would get sick)

I am now pregnant again and seriously considering adapting a lifestyle of incorporating some meat and fish back into my diet.

I need help.

I wasn't a huge fan of seafood even when I did eat meat. But fried fish I could handle.
I ate a lot of chicken. We ate roast beef and meatloaf a lot in my house.

My main deal is texture. So I've struggled with chewiness.

I'm looking for any advice from people like myself or from hounds who have recipes they think might gently work me back into meat.

i'm thinking i'll start with soups where broth is incorporated and maybe fish (no oceanfare for me right now with being pregnant - however open to it eventually)

So, I beg of you dear hounds, any recipes out there you could help me out with?

Also, this is really a hard topic to discuss, so I'm hoping we can remain civil. I don't judge anyone else's food choices, please respect my own journey with food!

And above all, THANK YOU.


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