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TRAGIC: Has the BANANA CREAM PIE @APPLE PAN really changed??


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TRAGIC: Has the BANANA CREAM PIE @APPLE PAN really changed??

namstermonster | Jul 18, 2012 05:56 PM

Went to apple pan last night after failing to try the bacon banana cream pie @a-frame (twas taken off menu just days prior). As soon as the slices were set before us, I turned to my friend in reluctant disbelief and asked why it looked so different. The slices were perfectly cut with a perfect, thick layer of whipped cream on top. There was hardly any custard, and plenty more bananas than I remember the pies always containing. Of course one never should judge by appearance alone so I took the first trepid bite, only to have my fears be confirmed: the glorious standby that was apple pan's bc pie had surely been altered....and not for betterment. Too many bananas, not enough custard...bananas apparently peeled and sliced before they were even ripe (a gigantuous NO in any banana dessert). The crust was off, both texturally and taste-wise. All the times I'd had it prior, the pie was more of a messy scoop of custard, bananas, broken crust and a dollop of whipped cream...not this perfectly sliced pie abomination. I picked at it with my fork a couple more times before surrendering it (gladly) to my friend who wholly agreed with me but will eat anything rather than waste it. I, for one, would rather have had pie-n-burger or bake-n-broil's bc pie before me...heck, even marie callendar's. :/

I asked our waiter if they had changed the recipe for the bc pie but he shook his head defiantly and said "no...same pastry chef, same pie." To be honest, it had been more than 2 years since I'd had it last but I know this travesty was not due to some error in my memory. I've had the darn pie countless times in the past and it had always been absolutely delish....not in some decadent way with chocolate shavings and caramel swirls, or bacon bits, but in the way a simple, homey but spot-on banana cream pie should be.

As my friend confirmed the horrid change, I know I'm not talking or thinking crazy here. Has anyone else experienced this or could it possibly have been a fluke? It's difficult when the waiter denies it but the alterations are really undeniable. Please help!! I want my banana cream pie back!!

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