Am I alone? Very Traditional Cookware.


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Am I alone? Very Traditional Cookware.

Passadumkeg | Dec 26, 2008 03:15 PM

I read threads about crock pots, nuclear clad cookware, Viking Platinum Made stoves and a gazillion gadgets. I cook a lot from a wide variety of world cuisines.(We save dining out for travel.) I feel I am in the minority in the tools by which I cook. I have never had or used a crock pot, cook on or in cast iron or old copper/stainless pots and pans and wok. I cook on a simple 50 year old gas range or a wood stove. Have a Webber grill and a Brinker smoker, both charcoal powered. I rarely use our gift given food processor; I like to chop and dice (very therapeutic). We have a root cellar with our garden crops and since or fridge is small, use the cellar and garage as refrigerators. Are there other simple chefs (in cookware not methodology) out there?

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