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Trader Joe's Lox - Well they did get the ocean right


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Trader Joe's Lox - Well they did get the ocean right

Steve | Jun 10, 2002 11:07 PM

I just have to share this with my CH friends. Yesterday we were up near Abington and I made my periodic stop at Trader Joe's. I love their places in Calif and we've been lucky enough to have them in Philly area now - though.....very sadly.. none in Center City :(

And the local ones aren't all the same. North Jersey gets wine - great prices - but not south Jersey. Anyway, I'm getting off the subject.

I often pick up the small 3-4 oz packages of Smoked Salmon to keep in the fridge. Vita, Marshalls, and other brands are at Super Fresh and Acme. And sometimes I get Trader Joes.

Well, I picked up a package yesterday and in big letters it said ATLANTIC SMOKED SALMON. I then looked at contents label: "Atlantic Ocean Farm Raised Salmon". So far so good. Wouldn't you assume it came from Nova Scotia or at least Canada or someplace north?. Nope! There in letters at the Bottom it said "Product of Chile"!! Chile is on the Atlanctic ocean but hey................ something is wrong here.

So read your labels carefully. (This is similar to the cheap dried pastas at many super markets where the brand is VERY italian but in fine print you learn that it is a "product of Turkey".


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