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Is Trader Joe's going downhill?


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Is Trader Joe's going downhill?

MissLiss | Jun 9, 2006 11:34 AM

While I realize that some of you think it can go no farther, this is not addressed to you TJ's haters. Instead, this is addressed to those of you who have enjoyed the availability of many wonderful things at TJ's for years. I don't know if the changes I perceive have to do with TJ's expansions of the last few years, but I've had far more problems with freshness recently. I've had several bags of lettuce go before their pull dates, I bought a dozen eggs, four of which smelled fishy, and I've had a few other problems which, er, I can't bring to mind with the 14 month old demanding my attention. Oh, now I remember: no more organic cheese because of the "lack of availability of organic milk with which to make cheese". On what planet?? And the shaving cream is unavailable because of "quality control problems." What up with that?

So the problems I've noted are across the board. Does that mean they're coincidental or that TJ's is slipping?

Interested in others' observations and opinions.

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