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Trader Joe's disappointment and Q re: discovery


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Trader Joe's disappointment and Q re: discovery

Carb Lover | Dec 21, 2004 01:29 PM

Well, finally got around to buying TJ's White Truffle Oil ($8.99 for a generous 8.5 oz) a few days ago. Made rigatoni w/ mushrooms, zucchini, garlic in a very light cream sauce. Opened the bottle, took a whiff, and couldn't smell much. Drizzled lightly over the warm pasta...hmmm, still not much of an aroma. Took a bite and could *barely* detect any truffle essence. Added a bit more, but could taste the oil more than the truffle flavor. VERY DISAPPOINTING and did not compare to intense truffle oils from Italy which I've had before. Anyone have a similar experience? Maybe the black truffle oil is better?

On the way out, my eyes honed in on a little pint-sized bottle of limoncello ($10 pint-sized bottle says made in Italy). Had a really good limoncello martini the other night, so I'm kind of fixated on this yellow potion from one of my favorite fruits. Anyone try the limoncello specifically from TJ's? Hoping to avoid another truffle oil incident...

As a side note, the new TJ's that just opened in Santa Cruz, CA is by far the largest that I've ever been to in CA. Aisles probably 50% larger; parking lot eerily spacious. I know this is kind of pessimistic and laden w/ stereotyping, but I hope this does not signal the beginning of the end...

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