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givemecarbs | May 16, 2009 06:42 PM

Just got back from my local TJ's. I've never been to any others but people say the one near me is spacious. As usual, I feel like I need a few stiff drinks. I got some delicious looking items but once again left before I could finish my shopping. I just couldn't take all the guys in tropical shirts running around yelling stuff back and forth and slamming down boxes of merchandise. I couldn't get near the sample area because two guys that worked there were having an impromptu cheese sampling and discussion. I was waiting patiently in line and had to jump back fast as one of them very nearly backed into me. Two sweet older women were manning the registers while the guys were all playing pirates or something. Once in awhile I see one or two younger women stocking the shelves, but usually they are working the sample area. The nice cashier asked me how I was doing and I said "jumpy". This is about my seventh trip to TJs, they just opened last november and I always leave feeling stressed. I want to take my time and think about the meals I am planning but there is always such a ruckus there. The grand opening was fun because they had a guy playing steel drums and he drowned out a lot of the antics. It can be even worse when I go on a slow day, more employees to dodge. Are all TJ's like this? Just curious. Maybe next time I'll get someone to drive me and hit the brew pub Before I go to TJ's.

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