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Trader Joe's Canned Smoked Trout - Back in May!

madgreek | Mar 26, 200810:26 AM

This is my favorite canned food. Period. Imagine my disappointment when I stopped seeing it on store shelves early this year! I knew I should have stocked up!!! I emailed today to see if it will ever be back, and Marci from customer relations gave me good news. It's should be back by April or May! Awesome!!! I am planning on buying at least 20 cans, just to make sure I have enough in the event that they pull it off shelves for a few months again (obsess much?). I shudder to think what would happen if it were discontinued indefinitely. I might be able to make 20 cans last for 6 months, but that would be pushing it. After that, I don't know what I would do. I hear that a German company named Appel Feinkost is the manufacturer, but in my local grocery, I can only find their herring. Hopefully, they are having a problem with the supply (out of season), and not the supplier, because It would be a shame if the product changed in any way. This fish is perfect. It has a nice balance between smokey and salty, and it's only mildly "fishy". I love the ingredient list: trout fillets, canola oil, salt, smoke. Since it's listed, I think they use liquid smoke, but I could care less. I've eaten some "fresh" (not right out of the smokehouse, but high-end grocery store brand) smoked salmon which I enjoyed much less than these little canned gems, and I LOVE smoked salmon. That is how good it is. Well, the next time I can make it up to TJ's is either at the end of April, or the beginning of May. Let's hope for the best!

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