Not About Food 12

Touch -- Texture, Getting Touchy-Feely about food.

JeetJet | Nov 3, 200911:27 AM

What food or drink provides you with the most pleasure from your sense of touch? More specifically, the focus here is not the taste, smell, sight or even the sound of your food sizzling, but only what food or drink most positively activates your tactile neural receptors in your lips, mouth, tongue, and throat. Those four areas are physically close together but are different in function and that allows you to pay close attention to the messages sent to the brain from each and determine what textures turn you on.

I could go on-and-on about the cravings for hot fried chicken because of the combination of heat, crispy and succulent altogether in my mouth and around my tongue at the same time. However warm crusty bread that has a perfect tug and chew awakens my lips, mouth, and tongue in concert more than anything else. Add a little butter to give some creamy texture and enhance the moisture of the bread and that is my idea of comfort food.

The pleasure of swallowing is altogether different. I like to gulp ice cold milk. For that matter, a slow swallow can sometimes be even better. Sometimes I drink thick chocolate milk but most often, because I drink milk several times every day, I drink 1%. There is something about the cold creamy smooth pressure against the throat that makes milk my favorite drink. I tried Silk and it does not come close to the real deal. Maybe if they keep working at it they will find a recipe that might come closer to the texture of milk but my throat can spot the difference quickly.

What food do you like the feel of?

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