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Am I the one who's out of touch with reality? (moved from Tristate board)

xny556cip | Mar 20, 200806:01 PM

I stopped in at the Hey Daddy Bagel store in Atlantic Highlands today on Rte 34 N.I ordered a buttered onion bagel and a coffee.While I was waiting for my bagel I noticed a prominently displayed recent newspaper article talking about the dismay of Manhattan bagel store owners having to raise the prices of the bagels aroud 10c ,up to 90c and even a Dollar and how pissed off the Manhattan customers were.Cest la vie...wheat prices have gone up due to climate conditions.I go to pay for my bagel and am told it is $2.25 ! I questioned the young girl and asked her if it was really $1.25 for the butter on the bagel?Yes it is.Un-buttered bagels are a Dollar ( just like the Upper West Side of Manhattan ) Dick Turpin is alive and well and opperating a crummy bagel store on rte 34 that can't afford to fix its sign.
Un-Freakinbeleivable.There was a comment from another contributor the other day suggesting that it was not unreasonable to pay $10 for a pot of Tea in a fancy restaurant in Monmouth Co.and that I was not familiar with such customs and costs..Is it something they put in the water in Monmouth Co. or is it just me who has lost touch with reality?

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