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Totally Disgusted at Supermarket--Am I too Finicky?

Normandie | Oct 17, 200911:30 AM

The store I patronize most is quite new and seems clean and in good condition. However, I was "grossed out" yesterday, because of two things.

First, the conveyor belt at the register I was in (only one open, btw, besides express because it was mid-day and the store wasn't busy) was (to me) filthy. I could tell it had some long stretches on which milk products had leaked. For whatever reason, it also had what looked like dust (I mean, a fairly thick layer) in other sections.

It really bothers me to any food on something like that, but especially things I don't cook--e.g., fruits, breads, dairy.

It took me a while to unload my cart because it was a major shopping. Unfortunately, I didn't notice because I was busy that the bagger put all my bags on the floor in the aisle where people walk. I don't know why, because there was room in the bagging area of the counter. I can't stand that. Maybe I'm too particular, but most grocery store floors just don't seem that clean to me, even in clean stores. You know, we have pets and while I consider myself to be a clean person, I'm not sure anybody would want foods they won't be cooking to be set down where I have walked, after I've walked where my animals walk (especially cats, who, after all, use a litter box). I thought about that and then multiplied it times probably hundreds of people walking in that aisle during the day.

You know what I mean, or would these things not bother you?

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