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Top Ten Dishes Worldwide

kevin | Jan 17, 2005 01:31 PM

what do you guys think are your top ten around the world? here's some guidelines, they can all be in the US if you've never left the country or all your good food experiences just happen to be from that one country. Also, this does not have to be the greatest fine dining place but just a place you really love that could be a little hole-in-the-wall or not. It depends on you. Also, name the dishes that are good there (could be savory and/or sweets)? And lastly the country, name of restaurant/diner/coffee shop/ect., the state/region/town and that should be good.

Mine are as follows (all from the US, since just recently became a chowhound);

Phillip's BBQ in Los Angeles, Leimert Park, US
--- for the beef ribs in hot sauce, and of course the delicious potato salad.

DiFara's in Brooklyn, New York
----- greatest cheese pizza ever, and greatest peppers pizza made with loving care.

Pearl Oyster Bar in Greenwich Village, New York
------- great lobster rolls w/ fries.

Dan Tana's in West Hollywood, LA, CA.
---------- greatest steak ever (160z Dabney Coleman cut)

Mako in Beverly Hills, CA
------- whole main lobster in coconut curry sauce.

Nouveau Cafe Blanc in Beverly Hills, CA
----- the greatest desserts from coconut mousse w/ pralines to a rich chocolate terrine w/ brandied cherries to coffee jello w/ whipped cream to tiramisu.

Sushi Nozawa in Studio City, CA
------- greatest down-home sushi ever, sushi as definite comfort food.

Shibucho in Silverlake, near Dowtown LA, CA
----------- the greatest, richest foie gras cooked ever in a just an unsalted french butter, no sweetness, but utterly delicious and only served on special and very expensive (never been to france for foie gras sadly).

Pina's Bistro in Tustin, CA
------ a tremendous tiramisu.

Spago in Beverly Hills, CA
---- the greatest tasting menu ever. but one dishe that i could single out would have to be the langostino in red curry thai sauces sided with pad thai noodles.

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