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Over-the-top rude service as shtick--I don't get it


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Over-the-top rude service as shtick--I don't get it

The Engineer | Jul 27, 2006 10:01 PM

I went to Peterson's in Kenilworth NJ- a hotdog joint- today, where one of the two order takers was downright abusive! My friend had warned me to know my order before I got to the front of the line. This counterman character starts berating his coworkers and rolling eyes at the customers. The guy behind me chuckled to his 10 year old son, "isn't he great?" The guy to my right tipped a buck. Tipped him! For listening to the order, repeating it to a cook, and doing the cash transaction. Oh, and I guess for barking "Next(1/2 second pause)...NEXT!" This place has been around since the fifties and I guess everyone in town likes it more than they should... and I'll go along with that. But I don't understand how normally non-masochistic people can enjoy rude, nasty service as "part of the charm."

Ratner's in NY was that way the one time I went. Had an experience at Carnegie Deli like that once too, although other times the staff was civil. Guess I better stay away from the Soup Nazi.

If anyone likes this treatment, please explain why!

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