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Over-the-top noisy diners...what to do?


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Over-the-top noisy diners...what to do?

josephnl | May 4, 2013 05:12 PM

It seems that recently we have had more than our share of really loud, truly over-the-top noisy and obnoxious diners being seated near us at very nice, upscale restaurants. On at least a few occasions, it was quite obvious that there was very excessive drinking going on. On one occasion, after complaining to management, we were moved to another table...a real pain, because we were in the middle of eating, and our food got cold, and it was very disruptive. On other occasions, the restaurant was so busy that there was no room for us to move. The restaurant management generally says that there is nothing that they can do...they usually do not want to talk with the offending party, and will not try to move them. What is the most reasonable approach to take when faced with this situation? Keep in mind, I'm not talking about neighboring diners just having a good time...I'm talking about shouting, bad language, and grossly offensive behavior. Is it reasonable to try ourselves to talk to the offending table? Is it reasonable to tell the management that unless they resolve the problem we're leaving? How do other CH's handle this?

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