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Top Chef Winner - 10 comments/Questions


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Top Chef Winner - 10 comments/Questions

jhopp217 | Feb 26, 2009 10:41 AM

Here's justa few thoughts to throw out that I am sure will be bashed to bits.

1. The right chef won based on last nights dishes.

2. The best chef in the season wasn't there....Jeff.

3. The show's choices for sous chefs was brutal. I know they were all runner-ups, but Casey isn't in the same league as Marcel & Richard (based on past seasons). Both men should have probably won their seasons, and Casey was lucky to be there.

4. Carla's choice to listen to Casey, not once but twice was not only her downfall, but a huge professional faux pas.

5. While I love squab, the dish I would have loved t have tried was Hosea's trio of sashimi, even though it was probably the least well-plated dish.

6. Richard was probably a much bigger contributor to the win than anyone will ever admit.

7. While his honesty was incredible, I thought the inclusion of Fabio in the tasting table was questionable and somewhat biased.

8. Did Rocco make any comments other than his silly foie gras comment?

9. Was Gail trying to boost ratings among male viewers? Isn't that why we have Padma?

10. Has the show jumped the shark?

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