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Top Chef-Wedding-Spoiler

Phaedrus | Apr 26, 2006 11:23 PM

Yayyy, Steven is out! Thank goodness, I was going to have to quit watching. Well, not really. Once again, he is the pima donna, unable to work in a large team. "Hey Steven, F__ the wines."

Dave really stepped up. Of course he was doing what he does best, which is to be the sous chef. I am still surprised he lasted this long, and he's going to Cannes!

I thought they all were incredibly ambitious with the wedding menu, except maybe for Dave, he was realistic.

Harold I am not understanding. Kind of a big talker in front of the camera but bad at following through. Seems like a good guy though. He did cover for Tiffani on the cake mix faux pas. Harold mentioned it but everyone jumped on it.

Top two chefs? Tiffani and Lee Anne, hands down.

So now we not only get Billy Joel's trophy wife plus his wedding planner, that is just great. This judge can go home with Gail and Mrs. Joel. Just keep Colicchio.

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