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Top Chef-Tramonto's [Spoiler]

Phaedrus | May 28, 2008 07:58 PM

QF: Trim a bone in tomahawk steak. Cook it to medium rare. Spike kicked butt on the butchering and apparently cooked it perfectly. Lisa is the other top performer. Richard and Stephanie are at the bottom. Antonia in the middle.

EC: Come up with an appetizer and a main course and serve it at Tramonto's. The past three season's winners are judges. This is an awesome challenge, I love this. I think this is the definition of Top Chef. What I would give to be in there that night.

They all looked nervous to me, really saw them quake in their boots. Even Richard, who has been really cool so far. Stephanie showed me a lot, she was very calm, as was Antonia.

I cracked up when Gail said Antonia's poached eggs were perfect.

Tom made a great point about Spike using the scallops and he should have sent them back and pciked something else. And Spike takes a shot at the owner of Tramonto's for having the scallops. I think he killed himself there.

It looks like they realize who the top three are. I wish they would just get rid of Lisa and Spike and let the three fight it out.

Is it me or does it seem like Tom is deliberately trying to mess with their heads this season, intentionally or not. He is in the kitchen much more often this season, and he has had to do more of a Tim Gunn this season yet he is still running JT.

I am glad Steph won. Now she is just over run with gifts. I guess Richard wants the Crate and Barrel $2K back. And Stephanie get a freaking kitchen of appliances! Nice!

I think lovely Lisa doubled up on her attitude this time. Man, did she look nasty.

And Spike gets the Tomahawked! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Wanna see my happy dance?

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