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Top Chef Texas - Ep. #13 - 02/01/12 (Spoilers)

LindaWhit | Feb 1, 201207:27 PM

It's Pee Wee's Big Adventure! We'll see how much of an adventure this episode is, or if the bike's tires are completely flat, leaving us all stranded.

They're back at the TC house, Grayson is still feeling crappy for essentially being responsible for Chris Jones being gone. Edward hops out of bed and he's in his black jacket, a nice white shirt and shorts. ;-)

They arrive in the TC Kitchen - there are thousands of pancakes there! They think it's a kid or Mylie Cyrus or a child start...but no, here comes Pee Wee Herman on his bike!

So what do they have to do? They have 20 minutes to make creative pancakes - make the happy, fun, and delicious, per Pee Wee (now called PWH). The winner will get $5,000 ("That's a stack!", per Pee Wee!).

Grayson - Ricotta Buttermilk Pancake in the shape of Minnie Mouse with Peach Compote, Blackberry and Basil (The best pancake PWH has ever had)

Sarah - Confetti Pancakes with Blackberry Sauce, Cocoa Nibs & Vanilla Whipped Cream (Also the best pancake PWH has ever had)

Paul - Rolled Pancake with Berries, Black Pepper and Champagne Dipping Dots ('s the best pancake PWH has ever had)

Lindsay - Ricotta Pancake, Whipped Creme Fraiche, Marcona Almond and Anise Cookies (Yet again, the best pancake PWH has ever had)

Edward - Crispy Pancake Bits, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Bacon and Bruléed Marshmallow (WHAT a surprise! It's the best pancake PWH has ever had!)

Padma asks PWH who made the best pancake he's ever had? And the winner is Edward!

Padma then tells the cheftestants that they're going back to The Alamo, where Pee Wee was told his prize bicycle was! Pee Wee said he's giving each cheftestant their very own new bicycle, already delivered to the TC house.

They have to make an unforgettable family lunch for PWH and the judges. They'll have a map to The Alamo, a bike, and $100. It's up to each of them to find their own food AND a restaurant to cook it in. BUT - only one chef can cook in a restaurant at a time. Edward said to the confessional camera "How do you create a shopping list if you don't know where you're going, and how do you figure out what you're going to cook if you don't know what type of kitchen you'll be cooking in?" Good questions.

They get 10 minutes to ask PWH what foods he likes. He likes spicy food, non-spicy food, American, chicken, shrimp.....Paul asks about allergies - and PWH said "Let's find out about that tomorrow! Hah-hah!!!" Oy. This is already getting tiring with PWH being in character.

They have 3 hours to ride around town to find the food and cook it for PWH. They hop on their red Schwinn bikes. They decided together that they're going to start at the Farmers Market. Paul relates that he rides his bike everywhere, but several years ago hit a manhole cover, and now when he drinks, one side of his face gets all red.

They leave the Market and Grayson seems to be following Paul, and he's not happy. Paul gets to the restaurant first, but goes to the wrong door. So Grayson gets in and asks the owner if she can prep there. Sarah gets lost, and has to back track. Paul finds another restaurant and he's given a place to prep - the owner notices the PWH bike, and Paul settles in.

Edward finds a B&B, and asks to barter some ingredients with the owner and chef. Lindsay's still riding around looking for ingredients - she hasn't even started cooking yet, so she heads back to her restaurant to cook. However, when she gets back to Mad Hatters, she finds that Sarah is already there. With only 2 hours to finish cooking and getting back to the Alamo, Lindsay realizes she has to find another place at which to prepare her meal.

Lindsay finds another restaurant to cook in, and realizes she has to get her beef cheeks defrosted, or she won't have a dish to serve. Sarah seems to bond with her kitchen staff, and Edward has a *very* small kitchen prep area, and the B&B owner asks Edward to cook up a couple of over-easy eggs for a breakfast the owner needs to he does it! Paul's kitchen staff and owner seems very accommodating with helping him out.

Each restaurant will bill each cheftestant for the ingredients that they used. And as soon as they get to the Alamo, they only have 15 minutes to plate and serve their dishes. Grayson has to *carry* her foil pan of chicken so as to avoid breaking the yolks inside the stuffed chicken dish she made.

They all get to the Alamo and scramble to plate. The judges arrives - Tom, Padma, Gail (where as SHE been!), and PWH. Gail asks PWH what they cook at the Playhouse - he replies "Cheese balls, parfaits, and my favorite is ice cream soup - I almost suggested!"

Last minute plating is getting crazy, but they all get it done and walk into the dining area with their family-style service.

Sarah - Summer Vegetable Egg Salad (soft-boiled egg) with Chicken Skin Vinaigrette

Grayson - Egg Yolk, Spinach & Gorgonzola-Stuffed Chicken with Butternut Roasted Squash with Bacon Vinaigrette

Lindsay - Stuffed Zucchini with Braised Beef Cheese, Rice & Goat Cheese with a Salad of Greens & Pickled Carrots and Celery

Edward - Chicken & Grits, Raw Corn, Kale Salad with Red-Eye Gravy

Paul - Roasted Chicken, Red Curry Gastrique, Summer Salad with Basil Blossom Oil

The judges dig into Sarah's egg salad, and while it was enjoyed, there's no salt or pepper in the dish. Lindsay's zucchini dish was enjoyed, but Padma thought the goat cheese was overpowering. PWH liked the gorgonzola cheese and beef.

Edward's grits and gravy was enjoyed, but PWH noted that chicken was odd. Tom said "I agree with Pee Wee; it's just on the edge of being undercooked." PWH said "I'll bet you never saw yourself saying 'I agree with Pee Wee today!" LOL

Next is Grayson's stuffed chicken - PWH said "I've got a prize in mine!" Everyone liked it....UNTIL they got to the fresh salad and Tom wishes she had all of the tomatoes off. Paul's dish was enjoyed, but Padma thought the heat wasn't strong enough - she though it was too sweet. But Tom said yes, the gastrique was sweet, but the vegetables were acidic enough to counter the sweetness. PWH also noted that Paul's platter was emptier than everyone else's.

Padma asks PWH if he was happy with his lunch. Yes he was - everyone made something he really liked. Tom suggest that he and PWH have lunch once a week. Then Padma asks PWH "Now when you think of the Alamo, what will you think of?" PWH said "CHICKEN! A LOT of chicken." Padma jokes back "I know you are but what am I?" And PWH says "I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you....INFINITY!"

Then when Padma asks if he's ready to get back to JT, he said "I'm VERY excited to sit in judgment of these people! GUILTY!" Padma said "Grab your bike and we'll see you there." PWH said "Tom, you're in the basket!" LOL "Lovely," replies Tom. "I'll have a few more drinks!"

They're in the Stew Room when Padma comes in (PLEASE NOTE - her dress is VERY pretty today - FINALLY!) They all head into Judges Table, knowing one of them is going home. Tom said that everyone's dish looked amazing when they came out, and that it would be tiny little things to separate winning from losing.

Paul's dish was very well liked by PWH; Gail noted that unless you were eating everything together, all you got was sweet. Ed's dish was enjoyed, but the texture of the chicken was odd.

Grayson's dish was to be a little spicy and healthy - but Gail noted OK, she took off the skin, but then loaded it with gorgonzola cheese, egg yolks, and bacon. Good point, Gail! Tom didn't like the butternut squash and tomatoes together. PWH said it was "Big and and looked odd because it was so giant, and other than finding tinier chickens, I don't know what you do there." (This is the 2nd time she's gone BIG with her meal!)

Sarah's okra in her dish was perfectly done and well seasoned. Tom notes that the eggs were *perfectly* cooked.....but were also *perfectly* under-seasoned. Lindsay's dish of stuffed zucchini brought back memories of the first dish Tom ever cooked. PWH said "And who doesn't like a dish served in a little boat?" Gail thought there was too much cheese and dressing on the salad.

PWH announces the winner - a cheftestant who was "fun, original, creative, changed my entire feeling about the Alamo....Lindsay, you're the winner!"

Padma also notes that Paul is also safe, but Ed, Sarah and Grayson are all in jeopardy. They head into the Stew Room to wait for the decision. PWH said he thought they all failed in that all of their dishes needed ketchup. :-) Tom notes Sarah's lack of seasoning, and that's critical. But Edward's dish which had slightly undercooked (for Tom) and weird texture. Gail said poaching in beef fat was NOT the way to go. Edward notes in the Stew Room that he made the biggest technical error. And then there's Grayson's BIG FAT CHICKEN, and the butternut squash and tomatoes just didn't work.

I'm thinking it could be any one of them going home.

They're back in front of the judges, and Tom reviews all of their dishes. Padma asks GRAYSON to PPYKAG. Sadz. :-( But Padma comes BACK into the Stew Room after Edward toasts the final four and asks to see them all back in JT. Tom tells them about Last Chance Kitchen with the eliminated chefs getting a second chance. They get a chance to see a bit of what we've all seen these past few weeks.

Previews for next week show the cheftestants seeing who won the final LCK.

And for LCK? It's Grayson vs. Beverly. They have 30 minutes to create a dish worthy of a finale....and for whatever reason, LCK isn't working on my laptop. So I guess we'll ALL find out who returns next week. :-)

OK, it's back to working...Tom tells Grayson and Beverly that whoever wins in LCK will go back into the TC kitchen and continue competing. Grayson seems stunned, and wonders if Tom is effing with her or if this is for real. He laughs and says "Oh this is real - I wouldn't be waking up at 6am if I were effing with you!" LOL They can use anything in the kitchen, but only have 30 minutes.

Various comments from the eliminated chefs - Dakota says "Oh, Beverly's doing Asian again; of course she is!" OUt of the blue, Beverly asks Grayson why she got eliminated. Grayson's comment was "Are you effing kidding me?" Ty-Lor said "I would have told her to eff off if she asked me that!" and Chris C. said "She did!" LOL Grayson realizes that Beverly was trying to mind-screw her. Plating finally happens, and they take it down to the wire.

Tom comes in to try both his review of both dishes. Annnnnddd....doesn't reveal who wins. We'll ALL find out next week when either Grayson or Beverly walks back into the TC kitchen.

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