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Top Chef Texas - Ep. #11 - 01/18/12 (Spoilers)

LindaWhit | Jan 18, 201207:12 PM

OK, we're down to 7 cheftestants - and we have the battle of gorgeous people as judges tonight - Charlize Theron, Padma, and Eric Ripert. Everyone's happy!

We start off back in the Stew Room, and WHAT a surprise - Sarah *still* thinks that Lindsay should have won as "she was the glue that kept us together." Seriously? Gah - and Lindsay's face was sour throughout the entire time in the Stew Room. Tom shows up in the Stew Room, and tells them they're heading back to San Antonio. The women are in one Toyota, silent as church mice - except when Lindsay is saying she's got "very high standards". Sheesh.

They head into the TC Kitchen, and there is Padma and Eric Ripert. The Quickfire is all about quick thinking. Ripert says sometimes there's time in a kitchen where they have time to think and plan; other times they have to think quickly. The conveyor belt behind them will have items coming around and they will be required to choose three of them - the longer they wait, the potentially worse the items will be that they can choose. They have 30 minutes to make a dish, using their 3 items and everything else from the pantry.

Some people choose things right away; some are waiting like Chris Jones. Sometimes they'll see something, miss getting it off the conveyor belt, and wait for it to come around - and the people in teh back remove it. Chris Jones is waiting for lobster, and sure enough, they remove it. TWICE he goes for it, and TWICE they remove it. Tee hee! But on th ethird try, he is able to snag them.

(A NOTE - I *thought* the mini-rewind worked during the DVR'ing, but it seems that it's still screwed up, so I'll try and get the items - OH NO! Here we go AGAIN! It's screwed up!) NOOOOOO!!!!! Trying to fix.....

OK, I'm watching live so I won't have descriptions of each QF dish and what they each chose. But Padma and Eric are trying each dish; Paul thinks he's bombed using bitter melon. Lindsay takes a chance and makes a bouillabaise-type dish for Eric Ripert. Beverly didn't get an item on her dish, where Edward said "I would have cheated and just thrown it in the air and hoped that it fell on the dish." WOW. Edward, you'd CHEAT?

Low group - Chris J., Grayson, and Paul
Top group - Sarah, Lindsay, and Beverly - but she can't be in the top group, as Padma tells her that she would have won hands down if the curried Rice Krispies had been on the dish.

The winner? Lindsay - SHE gets immunity. But she knows she was really 2nd best.

The Elimination Challenge is to make a dish "fit for a queen" - Charlize Theron comes in to tout her movie "The Queen and the Huntsman". She plays a serial killer evil queen to get her competition, Snow White. They are tasked with making a Gothic feast - each dish should be wickedly beautiful - indulgent, and think like a queen to "take out their competition."

They head to Whole Foods to shop for their items; then they're back at the house and are discussing how they'll incorporate evil into their dishes. Chris Jones seems to be going *way* overboard again - thinking concept vs. the actual food. A lot of camera time with him, including him being on a phone call with his this portending him leaving?

They're in the living room and Paul is asking that everyone plays nicely in the kitchen the next day. Lindsay says in the confessional that "everyone's had problem with Beverly jumping in and taking things without asking; she's like a bulldog in the kitchen." So Sarah and Lindsay continue to snipe about Beverly. :::Sigh:::

They arrive at Southwest School of Art, and they have 2 hours to cook. Edward is the first course; Paul is stressed with 14 ingredients on his plate. Paul is also saying that he thinks Beverly might be doing halibut to show Lindsay that she *can* cook halibut. He also said that Beverly's had MORE cooking experience than anyone in the TC kitchen.

The guests arrive - Padma, Charlize, Tom Colicchio, Emeril, and Eric Ripert.

First course:

Edward - Tuna Tartare with Black Garlic Ponzu Pudding with Asian Pear Vinaigrette.

(AND it went into freeze mode again - I'm SORRY! I'll try and catch up! I seriously HATE this freakin' remote control!)

Paul - (need a description - TV froze again!) - got it - Enchanted Forest of Fois Gras, Bacon, Strawberries, Pumpernickel, Serrano Peppers, Pickled Cherries and Beets with a Bloody Handprint (THANKS to debbiel below for listing Paul's dish for me!)

Beverly - (another description needed! - got it) - Seared Halibut with Red Curry Coulis and Black Forbidden Rice (again, THANKS to debbiel!)

Lindsay - Seared Scallop over "Witch's Stew" & Dragon Beans - the smell is enchanting everyone, and everyone loved her dish.

Sarah - Amarone Risotto with Lamb Heart, Currant and Sunchoke - again, everyone loved the dish

Grayson - Black Chicken with Roasted Beets, Red Chard and a Quail Egg - she REALLY took the "slaughter" theme to the max - they are LOVING the presentation, and everyone loves the dish's taste as well.

Chris J. - Poisoned Apple & Cherry Pie (with Rice Krispie maggots) - Tom LOVED the drama of it, saying "this is where the bag of tricks works". Yet again - another great dish.

Tom said it was the best meal of the season so far; Padma said because the entire meal was so good, it would come down to the glitches in each dish.

Padma comes into the Stew Room and asks to see ALL of the cheftestants. Tom notes that in all of the years of doing the show, this was one of the finest meals he's ever had.

Edward - "We are here to please you." to Charlize saying if she were Queen, she would have been more than pleased. NICE suck-up! LOL Tom notes to Chris J. that he knows he was getting on him all season about the tricks, but this was the time to use them. Charlize notes to Grayson that it really looked like she slaughtered the chicken.

The Winner? Paul! (Now I *really* need to know his dish description please!) He gets two tix to the World Premiere of "Snow White and the Huntsman". Edward, Lindsay and Chris J. are also safe. Left are Sarah, Beverly, and Grayson. The judges are having problems

Sarah - Charlize said her first hit of risotto had a hit of salt; and Tom said it was slightly undercooked. He admits he's nitpicking.

Beverly - Tom said the sauce was sticky having used arrowroot, and Charlize said the sauce had a weird texture. (And she gets teary defending herself.)

Grayson - her dish, while appropriate, had salty greens.

I have a feeling it might be Beverly this time.

The judges discuss each dish and make their decision. Tom reviews each of their dishes with them...and Padma tells Beverly to PPYKAG. She could have saved herself from this Elim round if ONLY that curried Rice Krispies had been on her dish. She has a gracious farewell, saying she never threw anyone under the bus.

Previews - theres a head-to-head battle - Sarah vs. Lindsay, Grayson vs. Chris J., and Paul vs. Edward.


So it's Beverly against Nyesha in Last Chance Kitchen! Beverly walks in and Nyesha says she's thinking she's got this in the bag. Hmm... Tom asks the eliminated chefs, who file in, who will take this one. Heather spouts off "My money's on Nyesha!" And Tom replies "Well, you two have had some bad history all the way through" as he points to both Heather and Beverly. WTG, Tom! But NO ONE bets on Beverly. She's hoping to prove them wrong.

The challenge is about local fare - Black Drum, a fish local to the waters. With one twist - once they're at their station, they will have ONE CHANCE to make a pass through the pantry and gather *all* of their equipment, food, pantry items, etc. for their prep and dish. They get what they need; Beverly gets in Nyesha's way. Tom runs into the kitchen, and throws yet another twist - they have to STOP and switch stations - literally using the other's pantry ingredients! Yowza! Beverly settles into Nyesha's ingredients; Nyesha's pissed at how Beverly's ingredients are NOT what she'd like. Beverly's got 5 min. to butcher her fish, leaves a pan on the stove too long with way-too hot oil (which she then pours on to the grill, pissing off Keith!) Tom tries both dishes; liked both dishes but it comes down to seasoning, and he makes his choice of winner.

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