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Top Chef Texas - Ep. #10 - 01/11/12 (Spoilers)

LindaWhit | Jan 11, 201207:08 PM

It's time for RESTAURANT WARS!!! And this time it's guys vs girls. And previews don't look good for either team.

They all walk into The Palm D'Or and Padma and Hugh Acheson are there to greet them. Each team will take over the restaurant for one night - the girls get the first night

3 course menu with 2 choices in each course. Someone is designated to run front of house.

And CRAP! I'm dead in the water. The recording has completely stopped and I cannot get it to go any further..will try and fix and continue recap. DAMN VERIZON FIOS!!!!


OK, here's the recap - ONE DAY LATER! But as I said, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and I GOTTA do this recap, even 22 hours later! I'll ask the Mods to move this up to the main post and delete the content from the original. Hope they can do that!

P.S. Please don't respond to this post, as if the Mods can copy and paste it into the main thread, responses will be hanging out there on its own.

It's time for RESTAURANT WARS!!! And this time it's guys vs girls. And previews don't look good for either team.

They all walk into the Palm Door and Padma and Hugh Acheson are there to greet them - in an empty space. YUP. It's Restaurant Wars! For the first time, RW is a battle of the sexes. Surprise all around. "Boys and girls fighting it out on the playground" said Edward. He did make some snark about Sarah, and Sarah gave some snark about Beverly about Beverly being a wreck in previous team challenges.

Each team will take over the restaurant for *one* night. It's up to each team to build the restaurant from the ground up. Hugh said he wants to see a complete concept - from the name, design, and menu. Each element should be in synch with the others. Then Padma says each team will dine at the other's restaurant.

Padma flips a coin - heads, girls cook first, tails the guys take over first. And it's tails. Hugh says the judges want to see a 3 course menu with 2 choices in each course - for 100 people. Each team must designate a FOH, and each team member must be responsible for one dish. Each team has 5 hours to decorate and cook before service - FIVE HOURS? Padma says that Tom and Emeril will join at judges table. They'll have 45 minutes to menu-plan, and $7,500 at Sur la Table and Garden Ridge.

They scatter to come up with the concepts. Edward chooses to be FOH for the guys, and their name is Canteen - a communal place to eat. The girls choose Lindsey to be FOH for the girls, as she's opened many restaurants for Michelle Bernstein, per Grayson, and she'll be able to stay calm under pressure. (Famous last words? Yes, I read a bit of the posts before typing this! LOL) Farm-to-table is their concept; rustic. Lindsey comes up with Half-Bushel for the name.

As they're planning, the guys work well with coming up with a menu; and yet the women seem to be combating Beverly and her suggestions: "Beets, beets, beets, beets....". Sarah, especially, is all over Beverly and her choices, and makes a face when Beverly suggests short ribs and says "But do you want to do them again?" Grayson backs up Beverly saying "Why not? She's f**king good at them!"

They go CRAZY shopping in Sur la Table and Garden Ridge, a home decor marketplace. (THAT place looks like a place I'd like!) Then they head over to WF to stock up on the food items they need. Sarah and Lindsey are both getting a bit catty about what Beverly's buying. But she seems to stand firm in getting what she wants.

They're back at the The Driskill, planning out how they're going to manage back" at the Palm Door. Chris Jones says the whole scenario is like Star Trek's "Kobayashi Maru," which is a challenge at Star Fleet Academy to test their captains at impossible situations.

The guys head over to Pink Avocado Catering kitchen to prep their food. Ed's helping out in FOH prepping the dining area for Canteen. He's doing everything up front, including cleaning the bathrooms! They have a staff meeting with the servers, and they're off.

But as service starts, there's no one doing the expediting of food to the diners. Edward has to tell people there is a delay in being seated, and some people who have food are finding it to need reheating.

The judges show up - Tom, Hugh, and Emeril and Padma. Service is still screwed up, and Ty-Lor ends up going out front to expedite the service. Emeril realizes that with Ty up front, they're in the weeds The ladies show up to be seated.

The judges get their first appetizer plates:

Ty-Lor: Thai Style Crab & Shrimp Salad, Caramel Fish Sauce & Grilled Peanuts, and then
Paul: Ham & Eggs - a Ham & Pork Paté with Mushrooms, Braised Mustard Seeds and Duck Fat Crostini and some nectarines.

Padma notes that Paul's now out doing the expediting, and Ty-Lor tells Edward to just *let* Paul do the expediting.

The entrees come out to the judges:

Ty-Lor & Paul: Poached Salmon in Warm Tomato Water, Clams, Crispy Salmon Skin and Tomatillo Jam.
Paul: Crispy Skin Pork Belly with Green Apple & Sweet Potato Purée. (That one looks REALLY good!) Immediately, Hugh notes that there are no mushrooms on the salmon.

Dessert is up next:

Edward: Almond Joy is a layer of Almond Joy Cake with Malted Chocolate Mousse & Banana Coconut Purée
Chris J: Homemade Cracker Jack, Cherries and Peanut Butter Ice Cream.

Tom asked "where is the coconut?" on the Almond Joy dessert. Padma said the only thing wrong with Edward's dessert is that they called it Almond Joy.

After the guys are done serving, Chris Jones says in the kitchen "This is what we always do: prep, service, kick ass and go home."

The women note after they've eaten that they're going to have to work together, and really bring it all out tomorrow night, as they realize they've got a lot of work ahead of them. Sarah said she's going to put her blood, sweat and tears into the work tomorrow. Grayson agrees that they'll have to fight, and Lindsey said they'll have to trust each other.

Paul notes that the salmon was underseasoned - and while it was a joint effort between Paul & Ty-Lor, since Paul was expediting, Ty-Lor was responsible for seasoning. Everyone realizes they didn't hit the mark on their restaurant.

They rehash it out when they get back to the Driskill and Edward said that the guys can only hope that the girls start fighting with each other and fall apart during their service.

OK, it's time for the women to take over. Lindsey starts setting up the dining room while the Grayson, Sarah and Beverly start prepping the food. Sarah starts in on Grayson about prepping her dessert when they should be working on other earlier dishes. Lindsey gives a brief overview of her dish to Beverly, who will be responsible for getting it on the plate while Lindsey is out front.

Diners arrive, and Sarah gives Beverly shit for not getting her the olives she had asked for earlier. Beverly's busy trying to get plates out, and Sarah gives a Mom-like tone, treating Beverly like a child. The judges arrive, and Lindsey isn't there to greet them. She's in the kitchen, telling Beverly what to do with her dish. She finally comes out, and realizes they're irritated by being asked to wait.

The guys team show up, and yet again, Lindsey isn't there to greet them. The judges note that there's a large group of people waiting at the hostess stand and they've been there awhile. Meanwhile, Lindsey is being told by a diner that the halibut was overcooked on his dish. She tells Beverly she doesn't want the fish overcooked. Meanwhile, the crowd at the door is even larger. And the judges are getting hungry. FINALLY they get their appetizers.

Grayson: Peach and Arugula Salad with Pickled Shallots, Bacon Vinaigrette and Candied Pistachios.
Sarah: Mozzarella-filled Aranchino with Sweet & Sour Eggplant & Celery Salad.

Both appetizers got very good reviews from the diners and the judges and the guys.

The entrees are delayed as well, so the waitress tells Padma and the judges that she'll speak to Lindsey. Lots of F words being thrown by Lindsey, and Sarah starts bitching at Lindsey, saying *she'll* go out front and tell them why it's delayed. Meanwhile, Grayson is hollering at them "Stop! Stop!" Really girls - just plate the food and get it out there!

Finally the judges get their entrees.

Beverly: Braised Short Ribs with Thai Basil Potato Purée, Apple Slaw and Kimchi
Lindsay: Grilled Halibut over Fingerling Potatoes with Spanish Chorizo, and Fennel & Sherry Salad

The short rib dish was very well received by the judges.

Grayson's been wasting dessert because they're not being taken when they're ready to be served. Lindsey gets bitchy with Grayson, saying she's got to talk to people, and Grayson's getting tired of her attitude. Finally, desserts are brought to the judges:

Grayson: Schaum Torte with Vanilla Meringue & Champagne Berries
Sarah: Hazelnut Cream Italian Doughnuts with Banana Sugar Glaze

Sarah's doughnuts were heavy and not enough banana for Tom, but Grayson's dessert was well liked by Tom - in fact, when he said he wanted a spoon, Padma passes her over so he can get the liquid from the macerated berries.

When Lindsey goes back into the kitchen, she says her dish (halibut) is the worst, so she's mad she wasn't back there in the kitchen. Grayson tells Lindsey that it wasn't Beverly overcooking; that it was probably the wrong cooking procedure. OUCH! Beverly didn't *want* to cook the halibut the way Lindsey said, but she did it anyway as it was *her* dish. Grayson seems to have agreed with Beverly on the cooking method being a problem.

The judges say that the better food was at Half Bushel, but the service was better at Canteen, and that it'll be a tough call as to which team will win Restaurant Wars.

They're all back in the Stew Room, and each the women are bitching at each other, but mostly at Beverly. Padma comes in and asks to see the ladies. Padma asks Lindsey about the FOH and that they noted the buildup to be seated, and Lindsey blames it on a pileup in the kitchen. The rest of the women don't look pleased with that comment. And they've WON! Despite being a mess in the kitchen. Tom acknowledges how hard it was to open a restaurant in just 2 days. They discuss the various dishes, with compliments to Grayson, Beverly, and Sarah, but Lindsey's halibut dish was overcooked. And Beverly wins the top dish of RW - she gets a 3-liter bottle of Episode wine from Terlato Vineyards, and a 3-day/2-night trip to tour their vineyards.

Padma asks that the guys from Canteen at JT. Sarah tells Lindsey that they would not be there if it weren't for Lindsey, and that she deserves as much praise as anyone else. Meanwhile, Beverly and Grayson are smirking behind their hands at what Sarah's saying.

The guys are in front of the judges. Hugh said that they didn't get a "wow" factor on the food. Padma noted that the Top Chef app also noted that the diners also thought that Canteen wasn't the best restaurant either, based on the scores.

Tom asked Chris why he did so little as compared to what Paul did. Chris said he wanted to help out but Tom said he should have done more than just help out. Tom also asked Edward where the coconut was on the Almond Joy - Edward replies it was the powdered stuff. Not good enough, says Tom.

The judges review all of the guy's dishes. Ty-Lor's dishes were very underseasoned, and while it seems like Chris J. is going home based on the editing, I don't think so. (Well, I actually saw the end of the show during the original airing, so I *know* who is told to PYKAG.)

And we're back. Tom reviews all of the guys' dishes, and Padma tells Ty-Lor it's his turn to leave. So he gets to face Nyesha in LCK. And he's very gracious in his farewell in the Stew Room.

Preview for next week - it's Charlize Theron - and OH YAY! My boyfriend, Eric Ripert is there too! Woo hoo!

For LCK: their challenge is to cook a pastry in 30 minutes ... and they get to choose a sous chef from one of the other LCKers! Nyesha notes she has wanted to go up against 2 chefs: Heather and Ty-Lor, as they were the two that made her most uncomfortable and were very rude to her.

Nyesha picks Heather (just to stick it to Ty-Lor), and Ty-Lor picks Malibu Chris. Nyesha goes with a coconut-lime tart, and Ty-Lor wants a chocolate mousse mascarpone with a vanilla-black pepper sauce...the first batch burns. But another batch is made, Heather and Nyesha are working well together, and plating of both dishes goes down to the wire, but they both get done.

Tom liked BOTH desserts, saying they were restaurant-ready. He was very impressed. And he makes his choice.

And I'm done. SO SORRY for the screw-up - I really hope it's resolved by next week!

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