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Top Chef All-Stars - Ep. #2 - 12/08/10 (Spoilers)

LindaWhit | Dec 8, 201006:15 PM

OK, from the previews, we know this is the season's "Cook For Kids" episode. And Joe Jonas, from the Jonas Brothers teen group, is a guest judge. Please, Bravo - don't show him and his brothers performing for the kids in the museum? PLEASE???? Oh, and guess what? Katie Lee Joel is back as a guest judge! Let's see if she's still wooden.

Right into the QuickFire: the cheftestants need to create a dish that will become the midnight snack for 150 kids staying overnight at New York's American Museum of Natural History. No utensils, no plates - the dish has to go into a brown paper bag. They have 45 minutes to create it. I'm thinking candy or cookies.

Dale Levitski grabbed a bunch of sugary snacks, mixed it all together, and said "Basically I'm making crack for kids." LOL! Mike Isabella is making chocolate polenta bars. Dale Talde bogarted ALL of the sugar, pissing off other chefs.

Tiffani Faison realized she was a complete asshat in her season in what she said about kids' now, she's learned - give the kids what they want! Antonia notes that Mike I. is sweating up a storm - something I read in TV Guide article from this week - there is no A/C or fans in the kitchen, as the sound is picked up by the microphones - THAT is why we always see them sweating so much!

OMG, Dale L.'s dish sounds SO good - like a "10 year old rave!" LOL

Joe Jonas' Worst dishes - Tiffany Derry, Mike Isabella, and Stephen.

Joe Jonas' Favorite dishes - Spike's and Tiffani's dishes. And he can't pick either, so Padma says "let the kids decide!" Not a happy Spike! And these cheftestants REALLY seem scared of kids - hey, they WERE kids once! LOL They'll both have to make their midnight snack, and they get "help" from their other cheftestants. INTERESTING split for the teams - all of the women (except Carla) and "their bodyguard", as Dale L. called himself, against all of the guys plus Carla. Funny. :-)

LOL! As they're beginning prep, Casey says "I'm very good with Rice Krispie hand jobs!" as she's mixing up Tiffani's chocolate Rice Krispies "whoopie pies". REALLY, Casey? LOL

I'm laughing at all of the comments by the chefs about the kids' eating their dishes...the kids are hopped up on lots of sugar, yowza! But as Casey said - they're not the chefs' kids! LOL So - sugar high, and then a teen heartthrob shows up? What does that mean? Ear-piercing SCREAMS!

And whoa - the Blue Team (Tiffani's team) DEFINITELY won the Quickfire based on the yays from the kids - yay for Tiffani! Chef Tom Colicchio shows up to discuss the Elimination Challenge - which starts NOW. The cheftestants are TIRED, and are not looking very happy. Rut-roh for them!

What's the EC? The cheftestants are joining the sleep-over at the Museum! No beer and bed for them - they have to create a breakfast for the kids, service at 7:30am. They can only cook with what they find what is in the Museum team gets Meats, Fish, Eggs and Dairy only (T-Rex) and the other team gets Vegetables, Fruit and Grains) (Brontosaurus). There is a winning and losing team, and one chef from the losing team will go home.

Tiffani takes the T-Rex theme, leaving Spike with Brontosaurus. They get cots in one of the exhibit halls on which to bed down. But some of the guys go on a flashlight tour of the museum...and then they're up at 3:45am to start prep and cooking...anyone who *did* sleep only got 45 minutes of sleep - ugh! Which would be better - staying up, or trying to catch a cat-nap? I'm thinking a short cat nap would be better.

They make a mad dash into the Museum kitchen - TONS of food (so they don't have to worry that their menu has to be drastically altered). But Team T-Rex is started to sweat, as they cannot bake (no flour), nor do they get herbs, spices, etc. (carnivores are *not* omnivores, at least for this challenge). Meanwhile Team Brontosaurus seems to be liking their dishes and the choices of food items they have.

And OUCH - Jaime sliced opened her thumb - seemingly very badly. Off to the hospital for stitches, so Team T-Rex is down a man. Hmmm...Jennifer's pork belly tastes like wet bacon, according to Casey? That doesn't sound good - but Jennifer said it tastes good. And cut to commercial...

We're back, and they head outside to set up their stations. Marcel and Angelo have a bit of a tiff re: the size of cut plums for one of their dishes. And Jaime comes back, and it's revealed she only got two stitches. Dale L. and Tre are both "really? Just two stitches?"

The kids come up, and start getting their food...and who shows up but Katie Lee Joel as a guest judge. Marcel's Banana Parfait seems to get rave reviews, as does Tiffani's Steak and Eggs. But it's noticed that the Meat line is much longer - people are going for the more filling foods - the kids weren't going for the veggies.

Judges Table preview shows Jennifer mouthing off - yeah, probably NOT a good thing if you're in the Bottom Team? LOL

And we HAVE a candidate for the next Top Chef tee-shirt! In a quick spot between commercials, they're talking about Fabio's schmoozing and kissing everyone, and Blais says "Fabio's like the Mayor! Vote for Fabio!" LOL

Just thought I'd highlight that. :-)

Padma wants to see Team Brontosaurus FIRST! And yes, they're the winning team! Wow. Fabio's gnocchi are praised, as were the gorditas. And Angelo, Marcel and Richard's Banana Parfait wins overall! Oh keerist, Marcel - REALLY? You should have won because you had more components on the plate? :::::SMACK!:::::

Team T-Rex goes in for their beatdown. Tiffany's and Antonia's frittatas were inconsistent, Casey's salmon and Tre's reduced sauce was too salty. PLEASE don't send Tre home because of the salty sauce! Jaime also gets called out for not even being there, and her teammates even say it made no difference that she wasn't there. That could be bad for her.

Wow. Jennifer is being REALLY nasty - both in what she's saying AND in her Lisa Fernandes'-type stance with arms crossed! She says her dish was perfectly seasoned, and Tom C. says they'll have to agree to disagree. Tom said that he doesn't *mind* the chefs talking back to the judges, but that was harsh! And when she was asked "were you like that in your season?" she says "ABSOLUTELY NOT! Welcome to the Jennifer All-Stars?" I'm not sure I like this "new and improved" Jennifer. She's more like Tiffani was in TC1 - very abrasive. As I said - like Lisa Fernandes.

Jen's dish doesn't get good discussion amongst the judges - soft, on soft, and more soft on top of that. But they *do* end about Jaime. Hmmm...

And we're back. Tiffani and Dale L.'s dish were the favorites, so they get to go back to the Stew Room. OMG, please, it CANNOT be Tre! WHOA!!!! It's Jennifer who's gone! Well, Tom C. said there were plenty of surprises in this season, and THIS one is the biggest one I think that could have happened!

Holy Crap. Even ALL of the other cheftestants are stunned. And she lets loose when she leaves the Stew Room, with a lot of bleeps. "The judges got it wrong" is what she says. This will be an interesting blog by Tom Colicchio, I'm sure.

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