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Top Chef All-Stars - Ep. #1 - 12/01/10 (Spoilers)

LindaWhit | Dec 1, 201006:11 PM

They're BAAAACCCCKKKKK! And so are we, boys and girls - we've got some Angels, and we've got some Devils coming back to duke it out for another chance to become......TOP CHEF! So is everyone ready for some backstabbing? Only if they're stabbing the backs of...hmmm...what - lobsters? Tee hee!

I am very much looking forward to seeing a lot of favorites come back....I truly think they have a great All-Star group! Okie-dokie - we're OFF and running! w00t!!! Who's gonna go first? 74 minutes and counting....YES, people, it's going to 11:15pm tonight for the first episode!

I'm loving the quick recaps as each of the cheftestants are introduced in the house re: what happened to them in their season. And WHAT a surprise, Marcel is still a jerk. :-/ TRE! My MAN! LOL The latest Fabio line as he's punching the elevator button: "Skyhouse...we're going up but I feel like I going to hell!" :-D And immediately following that line, we get "I not gonna take a bunk bed ever again - I squash my balls in my season and I'm not doing that again!!" LOL Fabio's back - yay!!!

Richard Blais saying the (*his*?) biggest competition is Jennifer Carroll from TC6. Good assessment. And it's BLACK chefs' coats for the All-Stars, and off they go to the TC Kitchen! Padma and Tom greet them, and Padma let's them know the winner will get $200K - the largest prize ever for TC (along with the Food and Wine feature and being featured at the Food & Wine Festival in Aspen).

For the QF Challenge? Don't know yet....they've got to cut to commercial, of course!

Whoa. I just read what I wrote so far. Linda, maybe you went just a *tad* overboard on the exclamation marks? Perchance you're a wee bit excited to have Top Chef back with these great chefs? ;-)

QuickFire Challenge: Each season's chefs work TOGETHER to create ONE dish that must represent the city in which their season was filmed. Winners of the QuickFire will all get immunity.

TC1 is going with a cioppino gazpacho for San Francisco.
TC2 is going with shrimp tacos for L.A.
TC3 is using mangoes, avocados, jalapenos, and pork tenderloin for Miami
TC4 has 4 chefs...could b e a problem! But they're going with deconstructed Chicago Dogs.
TC5 is using apples...a TRIO of apple dishes? Ugh. Trios. Please. STOP with the trios!
TC6 is going with mobster Italian food to represent Vegas. I kinda like that idea, as Vegas doesn't really have a specific food that's related to the city, does it?
TC7 is going with crab cakes for DC.

LOL - "Professor Blais" is breaking out the liquid surprise there! He made a mustard gelato for the Chicago Dog - I like that!

So - who won? Tom goes over all dishes...sounds like there were several favorites, but TC4 wins for their Chicago Dogs! All 4 get immunity....Richard, Spike, Dale, and Antonia.

Now it's time for the Elimination Challenge...Room Service trays are brought in front of all of the teams and Padma asks them to lift their covers. The ingredients that sent them packing are on the tray - they have to make the dish that sent them home, but make it BETTER. Three hours to prep/plan in the TC kitchen, and then 2 hours at the Russian Tea Room to cook. And Tony Bourdain is back right off the bat! Yay! :::::doing the Snoopy Happy Dance!::::::

They're at the Russian Tea Room - and the kitchen is tight - so Tom comes in to split the group into two groups of 9....and whoever's NOT cooking will get a chance to taste the other group's dishes with the judges! Winner of the EC will get $10K.

Angelo, Dale Talde, Stephen, Fabio, Elia, Richard, both Tiffani's, and Tre are first up. The cheftestants get to watch on a TV in the kitchen what everyone else is saying about their dishes.

Jennifer Carroll was highly complimentary of Richard's dish. And YAY! Dale Talde un-EFFED himself with the butterscotch scallops, per Bourdain! LOL And unfortunately for Fabio, AB *hated* his pasta dish! He called it an "inside out animal." Yowch.

OK, Antonia, Spike, Casey, Marcel, Dale L., Jennifer, Michael, Jaime and Carla are now in the kitchen and the first group is now sitting with the judges. Fabio went right for AB, noting he said he hated it 11 times. :-)

And in the previews for JT, it looks like Fabio's in the Bottom group. Rut-roh. Please don't tell us that he's going home already? We, the viewers, NEED his silly comments! PaLEEZ???????

OK, back to the 2nd group's dishes: AB just called Spike the craftiest MF*cker who's ever been on this show for how he turned around his frozen scallop debacle! LOL But WOW. Jennifer didn't get ANY decent reviews! Could she be the one to go? It will be interesting to see who's in the top and who's in the bottom. And Richard Blais plated after time was up...a problem?

They ask to see Angelo, Richard, Spike and Jaime. Hmmm...this has GOT to be the top group! So Richard is told by Tom that he saw the tapes, and while his dish was excellent, he did go over the allotted he is not eligible to win. Tom says the winner is Angelo - so the dish he got booted for just a few weeks earlier on his season, he wins for this go-round! But Richard Blais seemed to have had the best dish (per Dale T.) and he looks disappointed that he wasn't eligible to win.

Fabio, Stephen, Elia are called in for the bottom group. Not surprised at Stephen being there - he just doesn't seem to be very "cheffy." Fabio and AB go at it, and it could very well be him going home. :-(

The judges say that Elia refused to improve her original dish. Fabio's flavors were too thick and heavy. (I have to agree it didn't *look* all that appetizing!) And Stephen's dish gets compared to a colonoscopy by Anthony Bourdain. Yowza! LOL

Padma tells Elia to pack her knives and go...perhaps that was foretold by the Magical Elves when Elia was shown saying she was going to WIN the All-Stars. Hmmmm....

Oh, the PREVIEWS look great - even TOM gets into one of the competitions...and WHOA - this will definitely be a drama-ridden season, at least in the little bit we saw of the Stew Room and Jennifer taking on Tom Colicchio at JT.

Well, there you go - first Ep is out of the way. How does everyone thing the cheftestants did? Any favorites yet? Nah - too early, I think. Except I still think Blais has a chance. :-)

Toodle-oo - I'm off to try and sleep!

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