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Top Chef season 13 episode 11 Hammer Time1 spoilers


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Top Chef season 13 episode 11 Hammer Time1 spoilers

Worldwide Diner | Feb 19, 2016 08:51 AM

QF guest judge was MC Hammer. Each chef has to come up with a rapper name and a dish that fits the rapper name. I can't remember all of them but there's some: Marjorie - Sir Punch A lot (lame), Kwame - Baylish (lame), Isaac - Toups Legit (legit!), pink hair lady - Pink Dragon (lame), Chad - funky fresh (lame), Amar - Santana Lover - (lame), Jeremy - some lame name. Isaac won with some legit Cajun scallops and grits and got immunity.

For elimination, each picked a location and time period. Amar picked French Belle Epoque - the time period that any French chef should be able to crush. And he did. Isaac's Viking era and Kwame's Beijing style duck also did well. Marjorie made some shitty Indian food, Jeremy made a refined chowder that didn't fit the goldrush era, and Pink Dragon made some Chinese food despite her location being Japan. Chad had Greece and he had some kind of mixed seafood dish.

I enjoyed this episode as I love all the different foods each had to research and prepare.

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