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Phaedrus | May 11, 2006 12:31 AM


1) Wow, Tiffani is human? Incredible. I would feel sorry for her but I think she deserved some of the rudeness the others bestowed on her as payback.

2) Is Steven actually sorry for his behavior or is he just posturing to get more business? Did he and Candice hook up after the reunion and his apology?

3) Who wasn't putting on a show? I would say Lisa, Lee Anne, Cynthia, Candice, Dave, and Andrea. Maybe Harold too.

4) Notice how quickly Gail "the worthless judge" Simmons came to defend the judges when Ms Trophy Wife asked whether they though the right people were the finalists. She started babling on about its not a popularity contest, but never addressed the question: are these three the best overall chef. I say no.

5) I thought this whole thing was pretty hilarious, especially after Lee Anne's Q & A. She said that Bravo had given the green room a rather substantial supply of alcohol perhaps to lube up all the hostilities, which worked to a large extent.

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