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Top Chef-Puerto Rico

Phaedrus | Jun 4, 2008 07:10 PM

OK, is it me or have all four of them put on weight since we last saw them. It might be the chef's jackets.

QF: Friturras. Two friturra dishes, both with plantains. Con cervezas! Stephanie freaks on the QF. Antonia gets docked for not having plantains in one of her dishes. Lisa with the mofongo. Richard needs to learn to say albondigas. Stephanie wins a QF!!! Whoohoo.

Richard is uncomfortable dancing. He's a geek. I know geeks.

EC: Butcher and cook a 600 lb pig. At least two dishes for 100 people at the governor's mansion for a cocktail party.
Steph's edge is that she gets to assign sou chefs. Four ex-contestants. Steph grabs Dale, of course, keep him away from Richard. Sends Spike to Richard, thanks for being a nice guy Richard! Nikki with Antonia. Lisa with Andrew. Lisa is realizing she has battled with everyone of the sou chefs except for Nikki. Oops. Revenge of the Andrew. Think Bravo is embarrassed that she is still there?

The pork butchering was pretty pitiful, kind of funny they are doing this right after the tomahawk steak butchering.

Dale messes up, leaves pork belly out over night. Steph has to throw that portion of the pork out and has to rethink her strategy, comes up with chicharones salad with Dale. Can't go wrong with fried pork fat.

Richard is doing something with a malted soda and ribs. Looks awesome.

I'm sorry but with the two bald guys, I keep thinking its Colicchio asking questions and its the guest judge.

Judges Table:

Richard and Stef are top two.

You know how some people shouldn't wear shorts? yeah Richard is one of them. It looked like something Ilan would wear. :)

Richard wins the challenge. HOLY CRAP. Richard gets a car!! OK, being a good guy does pay.

Lovely Lisa is lovely once again. Even with the new do. Lisa made Richard look prescient. Tom whales on her about going latin when its not her specialty. And her tostones. She didn't know what a Mojo was either.

Antonio gets beat up for her pigeon peas. And for her choice of serving three dishes on the same plate.

Lisa knows she doesn't belong and finally said so.

OMG!! They send Antonia home??!!! Lisa stays??!!! Not dancing the happy dance tonight. This is messed up. I never liked Antonia but I even feel sorry for her. This is ridiculous. Pathetic.

Now Lisa is throwing a hissy fit because people were upset that Antonia left and neglected to congratulate her backing into the finals? Bravo is getting their money's worth out of this villainess.

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