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Top Chef Masters Semi-Final 3rd Round (spoilers)


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Top Chef Masters Semi-Final 3rd Round (spoilers)

LindaWhit | Aug 12, 2009 07:17 PM

Love the taste test QuickFire! Love it , love it, love it - it's probably my favorite QF they've had. It looks like they had 10 things to taste? Chiarello did very well with 7 then! But Anita didn't get hoisin sauce?

And on to the Elimination Challenge - kinda figure Keller will go with Elia - fluent French and pastry background? Chiarello was TOUGH during his 2 minute questioning! And I see Spike and Dale are being the usual jerks they have been in the past!

If Keller gets Blais and Elia, that seems like a good fit - Blais can easily take direction, as is obvious. (But didn't like hearing him say he "should have won" in his season.)

More later....

ETA - I *love* Fabio - "I'm sweating like a mountain goat at the beach..." LOL Damn, I missed those comments!

And of COURSE their venue has changed, and of COURSE they're now cooking out in the sun, and of COURSE they need to lose one of their sous chefs! Kinda figured Spike and Betty would be out of there. but surprised that Anita let Jamie go. Why? I didn't hear.

Wow - Chef Keller's dishes looked wonderful! Anything with lamb is going to win me over.

They didn't seem to look favorably on Anita's or Michael's dishes. Bayless got a bonus having Blais on his team - Bayless is like a little kid talking about the liquid nitrogen avocado ice cream! LOL

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