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Top Chef Masters Season 3, Episode 4 [Spoilers]


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Top Chef Masters Season 3, Episode 4 [Spoilers]

mariacarmen | Apr 27, 2011 10:24 PM

(SPOILER ALERT: i've asked the Mods to add "Spoilers" to the title of this thread, but just to give you fair warning...) Oh that cheese QF! Love that Traci's "carpaccio" won, actually - as the judge said, she let the cheese be the star. Naomi's rare steak & cheese sounded scrumptious, too. Suvir's corn seemed very pedestrian - in fact, it's street food - but I can't see how he thought he could elevate that dish - he prepared it exactly as it's done in my neighborhood by all the Mexican street vendors. Everyone was impressed by Mary Sue's homemade tortilla, but after all, she *does* own three Mexican restaurants.... i wonder what the cheese guy didn't like about Acheson's egg? egg and cheese - a natural to me.

Biggest loser EC - now that's a challenge. Going to watch that now and come back.

ETA: OH NO, IS MARY SUE GOING HOME? Suvir's "lecture on a plate" as whatshername called it, aptly, really should send him home.... commercial break...

Aaaand it's Suvir. Sorry to see him go, but i really think it was deserved.

I thought the discussion between Curtis and Suvir about meat being the cause of America's obesity problem was interesting. Curtis, of course, is right, IMO, there are a multitude of reasons for that malady. And for me, you can't make people change their eating habits by completely taking away everything they love. that's not sustainable, long term. Portion control is key, healthier choices, better cooking techniques, alternative spicing - creatives ways to learn how to eat food you like without killing yourself, literally. Alright, sorry, talk about lecturing....

Floyd's meatball sub looked wonderful.

I'm impressed that they all managed to lower the calories to such an extent, mostly without the use of fat-reduced foods (fat free this or that.) Oh to have a Master Chef in your home....

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