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Top Chef Masters, Season 3, Episode 2 - Spoilers


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Top Chef Masters, Season 3, Episode 2 - Spoilers

mariacarmen | Apr 13, 2011 11:11 PM

I liked this episode, more compelling for some reason. Feel bad for Sue going home. It doesn't seem fair that she had no space to cook in and had to spend time helping others just to clear space in order to give herself room to make her own dish. Same with Suvir. How could Bravo not give these chefs enough room to cook? Although Suvir said it was "diva" behavior that accounted for the lack of cooking stations..... Loved his shiny shoes. (ETA: and did i mishear, or did Suvir say something about cooking while being as gay as possible?? love it!) Floyd was showing a little diva-ish behavior himself at the QF re Kelis not tasting his meatball with the bread.

Mary Sue winning with deviled eggs must feel good after her lackluster cake last week. The sounded great. I think I missed it, tho - did they each have to actually prepare the "original" version of their dish as well as the updated one? (Edit: just saw part of the rerun - they did have to cook their own original version of the dish.)

Oh, and not food related: the Mad Men chick - she looks so tiny! She looks like a frigate on the show. (not in a bad way - very imposing.) Maybe that's just good acting!

(I really want to make some version of the winning vietnamese chicken meatballs that won the QF. Hopefully they'll post that. But, wouldn't be hard to improvise something similar and tasty...)

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