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Top Chef Masters 2 Ep. #7 - 05/19/10 (Spoilers)


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Top Chef Masters 2 Ep. #7 - 05/19/10 (Spoilers)

LindaWhit | May 19, 2010 07:17 PM

So we're down to 6 TCMasters: Susur, Rick, Susan, Tony, Marcus and Jonathan. Looks to be a QF Challenge of cooking a challenging part of an animal - the leg. Hmmm....wonder if they all cook the same thing or if they have choices? Yup - they get choices - chicken, crab, frog legs and many others...and Olympic swimmer Jason Lezak is the guest judge, along with Jay Rayner doing the judging.

Tony uses crab legs - 3-1/2 stars
Susur uses lamb leg - 4 stars
Susan uses chicken legs - 4-1/2 stars - she wins!
Jonathan also uses crab legs - 3-1/2 stars
Marcus uses frog legs - 3 stars
Rick uses octopus "legs" - 3 stars

And Jay Rayner seemed cranky in his judging, while Lezak seemed to like all of the dishes.

Elimination Challenge is the tailgate fare for college football fans from USC, and they're using Weber kettle grills. Susur never has been to a Tailgate - this ought to be interesting!

Wait - Susan's advantage is that she gets to wear USC wear? Come on! ETA: OK, the USC fans are nuts and I guess they like seeing her in the USC cap and shirt.

And whoops! Tony and Susur seem to be a bit at odds while in WF!

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