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Top Chef-Healthy meal

Phaedrus | May 14, 200807:37 PM

OK, as if we didn't realize this already, but Spike is a jackass. Smart strategic move, but he is still an ass. Screwing everyone else is one thing but rubbing people's noses in it is another.

And Dale makes the big come back!!!! Steph is up there too. Awesome.

Problem children: Spike, Lisa, and Andrew Spike had the advantage too. What a tool! That salad looked not so tasty, and olive with grapes? Thats bizarre. I thought Stephanies box looked the tastiest of them all.

Andrew is an idiot, losing the rule sheet after taking on Colicchio about the dish. I thought Colicchio nailed Andrew pretty good too. You go Tom!!

Spike is even more of an ass at judge's table, as if that is possible. Lisa's not bugging me so much this time, for some reason. probably because Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber are bigger pains than she is.

I also liked Spikes facial expression while sitting in the middle of the Lisa and Andrew bitch fest. That whole "who me?" look is precious.

I see Andrew as the worst, Spike next, and Lisa.

Bye bye to Andrew.

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