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Top Chef-Favorite and Least Favorite Challenges

Phaedrus | May 30, 200811:13 AM

OK, so I have been thinking, always a dangerous proposition. What are the best and worst challenges in the four seasons of the show? I am thinking about the surefire best, not the great ideas with a little more tweaking.

Favorite Quick Fire:

The relay race. Its real skills, its pressure packed, its very competitive.

The blind tasting: these guys are supposed to have great palates, lets see it.

Least Favorite Quick Fire:

The gas station cuisine from season 1. I still have nightmares.

Favorite Elimination:

Restaurant Wars: Again, Real and multiple skills, pressure packed, competitive.

Tramonto: As I have stated before this is by far my favorite. Also its because its a snapshot of the final competition: Given unlimited resources, except maybe for the frozen scallops, wow me.

Wine themed dinner with Lorraine Bracco: I wish they would have done the beer challenge as an elimination rather than as a quick fire. Further reflecting the lack of respect for beer versus wine.

I also liked the movie theme challenge.

Least Favorite Elimination Challenge:

The post-clubbing snack challenge. I am drunk, danced out dehydrated, give me a bag of sliders and I am all good. My taste buds are numb anyways, so what the hell do I know. The only redeeming value would be if some drunk do what drunks do around the contestants like the clientèle at the Wiener Circle in Chicago.

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