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Top Chef-Episode 6

Phaedrus | Apr 12, 2006 11:27 PM

The switch they put on the chefs was sheer evil. It certainly makes for good TV. Miguel certainly wilted like a prissy never has been when he messed up.

Tiffani and Lee Anne had it easiest in a way because they got the most flavorful raw ingriedient, and this is what they should be used to.

Andrea should have been eliminated because she came walking in with an agenda and that is not suited for this kind of contrived competition.

Speaking of contrived, lets get back to the judging. Is it me or do the judges really do a Jekyl and Hyde thing when they talk about the dishes? First they are almost effusive in their praise of the dishes, things like: they really stepped up, the dishes were excellent keeps flying around at first. Then when it is time to kick someone off, they start nitpicking. If it sucks, say so at the beginning, sheesh.

By the way, I am with Harold and Dave on Steven's quickfire challenge dish: I don't get it. It is a frigging painting. Colicchio keeps saying that this is all about the taste but they seem to get seduced by the plating more than anything else. You can't have it both ways, you emphasize taste then judge on taste. if the taste is a dead heat, then go with the plating.

Oh, and do you think Bravo is trying to push the Mrs Robinson scenario with the teases for the Housewives show? Yeah, I thought so.

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